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Miracle of the Scarlet Thread
Miracle of the Scarlet Thread

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This is the story of the blood of Jesus evidenced throughout the Bible. It is about why Jesus had to be crucified, had to shed His blood, why He was raised from the dead – and what this all means to you.

The Miracle of the Scarlet Thread explains in reader-friendly language, the central story of the Bible. It makes the complexities of the Bible simple. It connects Bible stories and shows how the Old Testament and New Testament fit together, telling in one complete story, the wonderful promise God has made to humankind. j

Dr. Richard Booker has years of study and experience packed into this incredible book. Thousands have come to a clearer understanding of God and the Bible by reading The Miracle of the Scarlet Thread.

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: Introduction to a Dusty Old Book
Chapter 2: The Blood Covenant
Chapter 3: What Did Abraham Believe?
Chapter 4: The Tabernacle
Chapter 5: The Sacrifices
Chapter 6: The High Priest
Chapter 7: The Passover
Review Exercises
About the Author

About the Author:
Dr. Richard Booker has written 30 books and is considered a pioneer and spiritual father in teaching on Israel, Jewish-Christian relations, and the biblical Hebraic roots of Christianity. For 20 years, he and his wife, Peggy, have led tour groups to Israel where he has been a featured speaker at the Christian celebration of the Feast of Tabernacles in Jerusalem.