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Is It of God? Vol 2
Is It of God? Vol 2 by Paul King

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Author: Paul King
Subtitle: Applying Biblical Principles of Spiritual Discernment
Format: Paperback
Length: 385 Pages
Published: 2021

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This is Volume 2 of the book Is It of God? A Biblical Guidebook for Spiritual Discernment. This volume practically applies the foundations and principles explained in Volume 1, relating how to discern genuine from counterfeit supernatural manifestations.

It covers a wide range of topics, including whether a Christian can have a demon; discerning true and false tongues, prophecy, visions, dreams, voices, mysticism, contemplation, angels, apostles and prophets, psychic phenomena, unusual manifestations such as trembling, falling, laughing, gold dust, feathers, and many more issues involving gifts and manifestations of the Spirit, spiritual warfare, etc.

Endorsed by scholars Craig Keener of Asbury Seminary, Jon Ruthven of Regent University, and Patrick Blewett of A.W. Tozer Theological Seminary.

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: Review and Introduction
Chapter 2: Can a Christian Have a Demon?
Chapter 3: Discerning a True and False Jesus
Chapter 4: Holy and Unholy Touch
Chapter 5: True and False Spirit Baptism
Chapter 6: Is Speaking in Tongues from God?
Chapter 7: Discerning Demonic Tongues
Chapter 8: True, False, and Mixed Prophecy
Chapter 9: Christian Psychics and Shamans: Are They of God?
Chapter 10: Are Stillness and Contemplative Prayer of God?
Chapter 11: Discerning Biblical and Counterfeit Mysticism
Chapter 12: Biblical vs Counterfeit Imagination and Visualization
Chapter 13: Sources of Visions, Dreams, and Voices
Chapter 14: Kundalini Spirit vs. Holy Spirit
Chapter 15: Gemstones and Gold Dust, Fillings and Feathers – Are They of God?
Chapter 16: Touched by an Angel
Chapter 17: Is Holy Laughter Really Holy?
Chapter 18: Drunk in the Spirit?
Chapter 19: Electrified by God?
Chapter 20: Shaking and Swooning
Chapter 21: Claiming Special Anointings: Mantles, Graves, and the Lord’s Anointed
Chapter 22: Discerning False Prophets and Teachers
Chapter 23: Discerning True and False Apostles
Chapter 24: Discerning Spiritual Warfare
Chapter 25: True and False Discernment of a Jezebel Spirit
Chapter 26: Discerning the Dangers of Passivity
Chapter 27: How to Cultivate the Spirit with Discernment
Appendix 1: Demonization Chart
Appendix 2: 1 John 4 Discernment
Appendix 3: Prophetic Continuum
Appendix 4: Evangelical Mystics
Appendix 5: Mystical Prayer
Appendix 6: Kundalini vs. Revivals
Appendix 7: Angel Visit Discerned
Appendix 8: Manifestations in Church History
Appendix 9: Make-Believe Faith

About the Author:
Paul King is a seasoned pastor, professor, and theologian with 50+ years of ministry experience. As an ordained minister of The Christian and Missionary Alliance, he seeks to bridge evangelical and charismatic ministries through teaching on discernment. Author of 14 books, he is a church leadership consultant and conference speaker on healing, spiritual warfare, the Holy Spirit, revival, and leadership development.