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Power of a Parents Blessing
Power of a Parents Blessing by Craig Hill

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Author: Craig Hill
Subtitle: See Your Children Prosper and Fulfill Their Destinies in Christ
Format: Paperback
Length: 234 Pages
Published: 2013

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You were created to be God’s agent of blessing to your children. Blessing is a custom established by God and is meant to function in every family. In fact, there are seven critical times in each of our lives when God wants to give us a powerful message of identity and destiny. In The Power of a Parent’s Blessing Craig Hill explains each of these times, answering key questions such as:
  • What is the key identity question to be answered in your child’s heart?
  • When is the appropriate time to bless?
  • What are potential consequences of not blessing?
  • What is the role of each parent in blessing at this specific time?
  • What are practical tools to use in blessing?
It is never too late to start your children on the road to fulfilling their destinies. Whether you are a parent, grandparent, or stepparent, these powerful blessings will help the children in your life to prosper.

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: The Cry of Esau
Chapter 2: Creating a Family Culture of Blessing
Chapter 3: God’s Ancient Path: Seven Critical Times of Blessing
Chapter 4: Blessing Your Child at Conception
Chapter 5: Blessing Your Child in the Womb
Chapter 6: Blessing Your Child at Birth
Chapter 7: Blessing Your Child in Infancy and Early Childhood
Chapter 8: Blessing Your Child at the time of Puberty
Chapter 9: Blessing Your Child at the time of Marriage
Chapter 10: Blessing Your Parent in Older Age
Chapter 11: Family Blessing: The Key to Reclaim the Family Mountain


The Power of a Parent’s Blessing by Craig Hill is an absolute must-read for every parent. Craig reveals the difference between a life that has a parent’s blessing versus one that does not. As in past books, Craig supports all his conclusions with Scripture. I urge you to read and apply what is contained in this book if you are a parent or are soon to be a parent.
Os Hillman, Author

As the family of God it is absolutely vital that we tap into the power and significance of blessing within our families for such a time as this. Craig Hill has a deep revelation of the true meaning of blessing and brings extreme hope and assurance that it is never too late to bless our children and future generations. Using real-life stories and his vast knowledge of the power of blessing, Craig helps us to embrace Father God’s blessing over our lives and empowers us with practical help to impart it to our children.
Bob and Audrey Meisner, Authors

I have experienced the amazing harm from not having a parent’s blessing and the amazing benefits from having that blessing. Just before my unsaved Jewish father died, I asked him to bless me. I believe this blessing not only opened the door for him to be saved, but it also opened the door for God to raise my ministry to a worldwide influence! Most believers have missed the amazing power of the blessing. This book will become a classic and vital piece of your arsenal to fulfill your destiny.
Sid Roth, Author, TV Host

About the Author:

Craig Hill provides senior leadership with his wife, Jan, to Family Foundations International (FFI), a nonprofit Christian ministry through which almost 2,500 life-changing seminars are conducted throughout the world each year. He is the author of several books, including the best seller The Ancient Paths, and lives with his wife near Denver, Colorado.