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Wonderful Name of Jesus
Wonderful Name of Jesus by E. W. Kenyon

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Author: E. W. Kenyon
Subtitle: The book that has changed the prayer life of multitudes
Format: Paperback
Length: 79 Pages
Published: 2012

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This book is a thrilling exposition of the power and authority vested in the Name of Jesus, and the believer’s right to use that Name.

The book has changed the prayer life of multitudes. If you wish power in prayer, this book is a must. It will thrill and astound you, when you find out who you are in Christ, and what Christ is in you.

Don’t be a weak, defeated Christian, find out what the Word has to say about you, what your rights and privileges are as a believer.

Although he was called home to be with the Lord in 1948, the writings of Dr. E.W. Kenyon, continue to thrill and excite and make the Word of God a living reality . . . no one that reads his books with an open mind can ever be the same again. They are a mighty unveiling of the Pauline Revelation, and are the basis for all the deeper life teaching and revival that is sweeping the world today.

Table of Contents:
First Words
Chapter 1: The Why of the Book
Chapter 2: How He Obtained His Name
Chapter 3: What Is Back of the Name
Chapter 4: The Use of the Name
Chapter 5: In My Name Ye Shall Cast Out Demons
Chapter 6: Man and Miracles
Chapter 7: The Place of Faith in the Use of the Name
Chapter 8: The Name in the Gospels
Chapter 9: The Book of Acts
Chapter 10: The Name in the Epistles
Chapter 11: The Name in Daily Conflict
Chapter 12: Contrast of Sense Knowledge Faith and Revelation Faith
Chapter 13: The Name in Baptism
Chapter 14: Identification with Christ
Chapter 15: Man’s Three-fold Nature
Chapter 16: Fellowship and Relationship
Chapter 17: Our Spiritual Initiative in Prayer
Last Words