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Releasing the Angels of Abundant Harvest
Releasing Angels of Abundant Harvest by Jennifer LeClaire

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Author: Jennifer LeClaire
Subtitle: A Prophetic Word for Radical Increase in 2017
Format: Paperback
Length: 110 Pages
Published: 2017

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This book will help you to realize a season during which the Lord is releasing angels of abundant harvest and help you prepare to receive restoration and provision in your life.

Releasing the Angels of Abundant Harvest will empower you in your everyday life by bringing prophetic insight into topics such as:
  • Understanding and activating God’s angels
  • Operating in the laws of the harvest for maximum increase
  • Understanding demonic obstacles to seeing an abundant harvest
  • How to partner with angels to see God’s will come to pass
  • Avoiding angelic deceptions rising this year

Understand the role of angels in a season of financial harvest. Prepare for a supernatural wealth transfer. Decree and declare abundance and overflow in every area of your life!

Table of Contents:
Foreword by James Goll
Chapter 1: I Am Releasing the Angels of Abundant Harvest
Chapter 2: What Angels Actually Do
Chapter 3: What Are You Sowing?
Chapter 4: Demystifying the Law of Abundance
Chapter 5: Only You Can Decide What You Sow
Chapter 6: You Reap the Same Kind of Seeds You Sow
Chapter 7: You Reap in a Future Season
Chapter 8: You Reap Exponentially What You Sow
Chapter 9: You Reap According to the Proportion of Your Faith
Chapter 10: You Reap Good Things When You Don’t Give Up
Chapter 11: Becoming a Forward-Thinking Sower
Chapter 12: Activating Angelic Ministry in Your Life
Chapter 13: Hindering Angelic Ministry in Your Midst
Chapter 14: Fleshly Agendas That Rob Your Harvest
Chapter 15: Demonic Agendas That Steal Your Yield
Chapter 16: Avoiding Angelic Deceptions
Chapter 17: Prophetic Declarations That Release Angels

Jennifer LeClaire has brought forth a now word concerning angels through a biblical foundation and clear understanding of the purpose of angels for the creative service to God and in the aiding and assisting of mankind. As you read this book, you will discover the greater role that angels have in the kingdom and your personal, day-to-day life. Although our generation has seen an increase of spiritual warfare and demonic spirits so that it has become the norm in our culture, this book will equip you in advancing the kingdom of God as a son or daughter of God. As you read, you will be reminded, encouraged, and equipped to know that angels have been assigned, purposed, and destined for you. You will no longer see angels as figurines on a fireplace mantle but as an advantage for kingdom increase. An abundance of angelic presence is about to be released into your identity!
Ryan Johnson, Founder, Ryan Johnson Ministries

In Releasing the Angels of Abundant Harvest Jennifer offers a prophetic plumb line that rightly divides the Word for believers on how to discern and deploy angelic assistance to reap a harvest for kingdom advancement.
Jason Armstrong, President, Remnant Fire Ministries

About the Author:
Jennifer LeClaire is senior editor of Charisma magazine, director of the awakening House of Prayer in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, senior leader of the New Breed Revival Network, cofounder of AwakeningTV.com, and author of many books, including Mornings With the Holy Spirit, the Next Great Move of God, Jezebel’s Puppets, and Waging Prophetic Warfare.