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Power And Purpose In The Wounds Of Jesus
Power And Purpose In The Wounds Of Jesus by E Samuel Mohanraj

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Author: E Samuel Mohanraj
Subtitle: The Blessing We Receive From His Crucifixion
Format: Paperback
Length: 148 Pages
Published: 2009

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Satan must have rejoiced as he watched Jesus hang on the cross, thinking that every plan of God had finally been destroyed. But the devil and his accomplices didnt know the whole story that day. Had they known what God knew, they would have never crucified Him. Because the truth is that those very wounds are what brought peace and healing to the world.

Power and Purpose in the Wounds of Jesus explains the significance of each of the injuries suffered by Jesus Christ during His crucifixion, revealing how He truly defeated the devil that day on Calvary. As you read about the tremendous suffering that He endured on our behalf, you will learn:

  • The spiritual significance of each of Christs wounds
  • Satans purpose in inflicting them
  • The blessing we receive as a result

Jesus defeated all the plans of the devil on the cross. All of the sufferings, all of the wounds, and all of the pain that He experienced that day have become the power of God for us today. You can overcome anything and prevail over everything because of this power that is within us.

Table of Contents

Foreword by Perry Stone



Chapter 1: Wounds by the Crown of Thorns

Chapter 2: Wounds on His Head

Chapter 3: Wounds on His Mouth and Ears

Chapter 4: Wounds on His Eyes

Chapter 5: Wounds on His Face

Chapter 6: Spit on His Face

Chapter 7: Wounds on His Back

Chapter 8: Wounds on His Chest

Chapter 9: Plucked Off His Hair

Chapter 10: Stripped of His Clothes

Chapter 11: Wounds in Jesus Heart

Chapter 12: Wounds on His Hands

Chapter 13: Wounds on His Feet

Chapter 14: The Wound on His Side

Chapter 15: Tearing His Human Body

Chapter 16: Agony in the Garden


About the Author

Samuel Mohanraj preaches regularly in India and throughout Asia and the Middle East. In fourteen years of ministry, he has blessed others through gospel crusades, fasting and prayer meetings, television programs, seminars and ministries to children, widows and the poor. Samuel provides a discipleship training center under his ministry, Showers of Blessing, in South India. He has a bachelors degree in mathematics and a masters degree in sociology and is the author of numerous books. Samuel is blessed with wife Elizabeth, son Mervyn, and daughter Sharon, who went to be with the Lord in November 2006 at the age of sixteen.