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Hidden Issues in Deliverance CD Set
Hidden Issues in Deliverance CD Set by Arthur Burk

Price: $35.00
Author: Arthur Burk
Format: Audio
Length: 5 CDs
Published: 2018

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My father-in-law had bypass surgery on his heart. Remarkably complex. It went well. He lived long.

A 21-year-old friend developed a rash, and 61 days later was dead. It was male lupus and males are not supposed to get lupus. They did not diagnose it soon enough to treat it.

The major issues in deliverance have been thoroughly discussed and are broadly treatable. Here is a collection of specialty issues that often go undiagnosed. We give you the markers to determine whether these are part of your generational tapestry AND show you how to deal with the root issues.

Many people have cleaned out 80% of the junk in their heritage. The last 20% is aggravating, elusive and harder to eliminate.

Here are some places to look so your journey becomes more comprehensive.

Disc 1: Deeper Deliverance
Leviathan in Fluids
Spirit of Pharmakeia
Curses from Anglican Roots

Disc 2: Specialty Deliverance
Hidden Things
Canaanite Iron Bowl

Disc 3: Deliverance & Time
Spring of Conception
Before Conception
Deep Time

Disc 4: Brain Dynamics
Thalamus & Fear
Generational Structures

Disc 5: Fractals & Healing
Fractal of Two
Fractal of Three