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Fractal of Two: Adrenals and Kidneys CD Teaching
Fractal of Two: Adrenals and Kidneys by Arthur Burk

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Author: Arthur Burk
Format: 7 CDs
Published: 2013

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Fractal of Two: Adrenals and Kidneys
What do your adrenals and kidneys do in the spiritual realm? According to the Word of God they think and emote. Furthermore, God specifically judges the adrenals and kidneys for how righteously they think. He also went out of His way to purchase them while you were in the womb.

They seem to play a large role in attaching covenants to your body and soul. Our Western world view has relegated the adrenals and kidneys to a purely biological role in life. The Word o God says they are highly spiritual components of our being.

This album begins exploring these verses with an eye to helping your spirit establish appropriate dominion. You will find a blend of teaching, confession, spiritual warfare, blessings and celebration in this fractal approach to the health of your spirit, soul and body. Most of those who have listened to them have experienced significant physical reactions.

Engage your spirit and the Word of God and explore what the implications might be for your sleep, energy, emotional well being and your spiritual clarity.

CD 1: Science and Theology
CD 2: Covenants
CD 3: Emotions
CD 4: Counsel
CD 5: Instruction
CD 6: Refining
CD 7: The Big Picture