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Donald Trump is Not My Savior
Donald Trump is Not My Savior by Michael Brown

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Author: Michael L. Brown
Subtitle: An Evangelical Leader Speaks His Mind About the Man He Supports as President
Format: Paperback
Length: 344 Pages
Published: 2018

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As a Christian, how can you support a president whose present actions and personal history you utterly disagree with? Radio host, Biblical scholar, and social activist, Dr. Michael Brown, represented the collective fears of many evangelical Christians when it became clear that Donald J. Trump would emerge as presidential candidate for the Republican Party.

Undeniably, one of the most polarizing figures in American history, Donald Trump is constantly confounding the masses. He wars against “fake news” while creating his own media with “Tweets” that can provoke national dissension and confront unstable foreign relations. With one hand, he’s bringing healing, with the other, it looks like he is hurting.

As an evangelical leader, Dr. Brown steps into the madness to help bring clarity. Even now, many Christians are wondering how to Biblically and morally respond to a Trump presidency. Some are hailing him as “Savior and Chief,” whose every word and action is to be commended; others utterly and completely reject him. Where is the balance and what is the right response?

Presented with balanced social commentary, theological integrity, and a passion to see America fulfill her divine destiny, Dr. Brown shows you how to:
  • Cautiously support a flawed leader while maintaining allegiance to the lordship of Jesus.
  • Recognize the movement of God that’s present in the Trump presidency.
  • Praise the good and confront the bad when it comes to the president’s actions and decisions.

Table of Contents:
Introduction: Evangelicals and Donald Trump: A Match Made in Heaven or a Marriage with Hell?
Part 1: Opposing Trump During the Primaries August 27, 2015-May 3, 2016
August 27, 2015: An Open Letter to Donald Trump
September 25, 2015: Donald Trump and the Difference Between Chutzpah and Rudeness
November 30, 2015: Why Evangelical Christians Should Not Support Donald Trump
December 2, 2015: The Followers of Donald Trump Declare War
January 18, 2016: Is Donald Trump a Double-Minded Man?
January 27, 2016: An Open Letter to Jerry Falwell Jr.
February 3, 2016: Mr. Trump, what Is “Not Worth It”?
February 15, 2016: Cognitive Dissonance and the Followers of Donald Trump
February 19, 2016: Can We Judge the Christianity of Donald Trump?
February 26, 2016: Donald Trump: The Vacillator-in-Chief
March 7, 2016: Is Donald Trump a Modern-Day Cyrus?
March 10, 2016: Donald Trump, Anger, and Violence
April 21, 2016: Donald Trump is Not Your Protector: A Warning to Evangelical Christians
April 28, 2016: When Bible-Quoting Trump Supporters Drop the F-Bomb
May 3, 2016: Donald Trump: The National Enquirer Candidate

Part 2: Getting Behind Republican Candidate Trump May 24, 2016-November 7, 2016
May 24, 2016: “I Was Wrong”: Three Word That Could Change Donald Trump’s Life
May 30, 2016: If Obama Was Not the Political Savior, Neither Is Trump
June 30, 2016: Why I’m Actually Rooting for Donald Trump
July 9, 2016: The Irony of Democrats Calling Donald Trump Anti-Semitic
August 4, 2016: Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, the Presidential Elections, and the Sovereignty of God
August 17, 2016: The Book of Proverbs and a Winning Strategy for Candidate Trump
August 19, 2016: Has Donald Trump Turned a New Leaf?
September 5, 2016: Do Conservative Christians Have the Love of Christ for Obama and Hillary?
October 9, 2016: What King David Could Teach Donald Trump
October 10, 2016: Why All the Fuss Over the Trump Sex-Comments Tape?
October 13, 2016: Is Donald Trump “God’s Chaos Candidate”?
October 23, 2016: Why I Will Vote for Donald Trump
November 1, 2016: Donald Trump Waves the Gay Flag
November 7, 2016: If Hillary Wins, If Trump Wins

Part 3: Ups and Downs with President Trump November 9, 2016-August 12, 2018
November 9, 2016: Donald Trump, President of the United States by the Sovereign Intervention of God
November 15, 2016: Donald Trump, Same-Sex “Marriage,” and the Church
November 16, 2016: Have Evangelicals Lost Their Credibility by Voting for Trump?
December 12, 2016: Why Many Americans Trust Donald Trump More Than the CIA
December 19, 2016: Why Donald Trump Is Catching Hell for Planning to Move Our Embassy to Jerusalem
December 20, 2016: Islamist Terrorists Continually Slaughter Christians”: Trump Says What Obama Refused to Say
January 11, 2017: Donald Trump, the Johnson Amendment, and the Question of Christian Cowardice
January 20, 2017: An Open Letter to Critics of President Trump
January 23, 2017: An Attempted Impartial Reading of President Trump’s Inaugural Speech
January 30, 2017: Five Things Bothering Me About the Response to Trump’s Executive Order on Refugees
February 3, 2017: Four Major Takeaways from President Trump’s Nomination of Justice Gorsuch
February 5, 2017: The Election of Donald Trump Tells Us That Anything Is Possible
February 15, 2017: My Response to a Huffington Post Contributor Wanting to Talk with a White, Christian Supporter of Trump
March 1, 2017: Please Don’t Tell Me Trump’s Speech to Congress Was Racist
March 2, 2017: When Trump Is Presidential, His Critics Are Left Out in the Rain
April 19, 2017: America First Does Not Mean America Only
April 27, 2017: Donald Trump Disappoints the Anti-Semites
May 10, 2017: Five Things Ann Coulter Got Wrong About Donald Trump
May 19, 2017: The Importance of Trump’s Saudi Arabia Speech Denouncing Islamic Terrorism
June 1, 2017: Kathy Griffin Is Not the Only One Guilty of Anti-Trump Hysteria
June 2, 2017: Trump Not Moving Our Embassy to Jerusalem – Yet
June 26, 2017: President Trump, This Advice Could Really Help You
June 30, 2017: Don’t Sell Your Soul in Defense of President Trump
July 18, 2017: Is It “Theological Malpractice” for Ministers to Pray for Trump?
July 26, 2017: Was I Wrong About Donald Trump?
July 29, 2017: What the Hiring of Anthony Scaramucci Tells Us About President Trump
August 2, 2017: The Old Lady, the Devil, and Donald Trump
August 13, 2017: Charlottesville, White Supremacists, Evangelicals, Racists, and Trump
August 20, 2017: Should Trump’s Evangelical Advisors Abandon Him?
September 19, 2017: President Trump Calls Out North Korea’s “Rocket Man” Before the UN
September 25, 2017: What Do We Make of the battle Between President Trump and the NFL?
October 2, 2017: Donald Trump Wins Again
October 16, 2017: Have Evangelical Leaders Become Disciples of Donald Trump?
October 30, 2017: What Martin Luther and Donald Trump Have in Common
November 18, 2017: An Evangelical Appeal to President Trump Regarding His Al Franken Tweets
November 28, 2017: Donald Trump and the Principle of Divine Upheaval
December 6, 2017: Will God Bless Trump for Moving Our Embassy to Jerusalem?
January 5, 2018: Has President Trump Lost His Mind or Has CNN Lost Its Bearings?
January 13, 2018: As Evangelicals Our Ultimate Allegiance Is to the Lord, Not the President
January 21, 2018: An Honest Challenge for the Never Trumpers
January 25, 2018: Does Trump Get a Moral Mulligan?
January 27, 2018: Donald Trump did Not Die for My Sins
March 13, 2018: I Agree with Chuck Todd
March 13, 2018: Joy Behar, Mike Pence, Donald Trump, and the Question of Public Apologies
March 15, 2018: The Hypocrisy of Those Accusing White Evangelicals of Hypocrisy
April 1, 2018: Adultery, Character, and Leadership: A Response to Dennis Prager
May 9, 2018: It’s Time to Give President Trump His Due
May 19, 2018: Am I Tuning In at the Wrong Times, or Does CNN Really Have Trump Derangement Syndrome?
May 26, 2018: Why So Many Israelis Love Trump
July 3, 2018: I’m Not Playing the New Game of “Deny Trump to Prove our Love for Jesus”
July 13, 2018: Musings on the President, the Religious Right, Democrats, and the Supreme Court
July 13, 2018: What Christian Leaders Can Learn from Donald Trump
July 17, 2018: Did Trump Make the Right Play or Did Trump Get Played?
August 11, 2018: Some Candid Questions for Evangelical Supporters of President Trump
A Final Word: Evangelicals and the Elections: Where Do We Go From Here?

About the Author:
Dr. Michael L. Brown holds a Ph.D. in Near Eastern Languages and Literatures from New York University and has served as a visiting or adjunct professor at seven top seminaries. The author of more than thirty books, he hosts the Lie of Fire radio program, a syndicated, daily talk show. He has conducted debates or outreach lectures on major campuses, including Oxford University, the Hebrew University, Ohio State University, Yale, and USC. Michael and his wife, Nancy, have two children and four grandchildren. They live near Charlotte, NC.