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Binding the Strongman Over America
Binding the Strongman Over America by John Benefiel

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Author: John Benefiel
Subtitle: Healing the Land, Transferring Wealth, Advancing the Kingdom of God
Format: Paperback
Length: 254 Pages
Published: 2012

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Table of Contents:



Chapter 1: This Isn’t Much Like Heaven

Chapter 2: Ancient Thrones of Iniquity

Chapter 3: The Government of the City by John Ward

Chapter 4: Slaves In a Free Society by Jerry Mash

Chapter 5: Peace Chief and Warrior by Jay Swallow

Chapter 6: Strong Covenant, Strong Covering by Negiel Bigpond

Chapter 7: Following the Leader

Chapter 8: The State Takes a Shift

Chapter 9: Touching the Nation

Chapter 10: God’s Government

Chapter 11: Unmasking Idolatry

Chapter 12: Contending for the Land by Chuck D. Pierce

Chapter 13: Signs of Transformation




I just finished Binding the Strongman over America. This is one of the most amazing and rewarding books I have ever read. Twenty years ago, some of us planted the seeds of strategic-level spiritual warfare through books, conferences, and the Spiritual Warfare Network. John Benefiel’s book, which brings beside him the voices of numbers of experienced field participants, provides an unbelievable display of the maturity, wisdom, discernment, commitment, measurable results, and superabundant fruit that the movement has now produced from those early seeds. This is the best book on spiritual warfare available today.

C. Peter Wagner, Vice President and Apostolic Ambassador, Global Spheres, Inc.

Revelation is the key to unlocking regions, territories, and nations. John Benefiel has definitely hit the bullseye with this book. His insight comes not only from the Word of God, but also from his experience in prayer and community transformation. The results is many believers embracing new understanding as the Holy Spirit teaches the Church how to move in more power and authority. Those who read this book will receive fresh insight and motivation to meet the challenges of their region. I encourage those who read it to believe God for transformation in your area. Don’t be discouraged by the setbacks you seemingly have experienced in advancing the Kingdom. The key of knowledge will unlock territories that have been closed for generations. John Benefiel gives us the key in the chapters of this book.

I have seen what has happened in Oklahoma, and I have heard his teaching. Now, what others have seen and heard is in book form and can be read across our nation and around the world. The successes John and others experienced can be experienced by more of God’s leaders and intercessors as they embrace the truths in this book.

I encourage you to read this book with an open heart, and allow the Holy Spirit to impart wisdom to you. These truths have been forged through the crucible of experience and prayer. This makes them invaluable. John Benefiel has paid the price to obtain the knowledge of warfare and breakthrough. He has counted the cost, and made the sacrifice to faithfully teach and practice what is in this book. Be blessed by his teaching, and share it with as many in the Church who will hear.

John Eckhardt, Apostle and Overseer, Crusaders Church Chicago

In a war, nothing is more critical to victory than reliable intelligence. Binding the Strongman Over America is a windfall of insight. Like a long-awaited dispatch from the frontlines, each page uncovers the enemy’s position and unfolds a prophetic battle plan. You’ll be inspired by the breathtaking story of God’s work in Oklahoma as well as equipped to advance to a new place of triumph. This is a true gift to all of us who long to see transforming revival overtake our land.

David Cannistraci, Gate Way City Church, San Jose, California

In a time when it’s easy to think that America is beyond human help with regard to transformation, Dr. Benefiel reminds us in a compelling way not to give up on this great nation, but rather to identify the key enemy and shift the Church into the attack position as we contend for the soul of this great nation. Binding the Strongman Over America is a must read for every concerned citizen of God’s kingdom.

Jackson Senyonga, Senior Pastor, Christian Life Church, Uganda, East Africa

About the Author

Dr. John Benefiel is the founder and senior pastor of Church on the Rock, Oklahoma City. He also founded and directs the Heartland Apostolic Prayer Network (HAPN), with a leader and a network in each of the 50 states and in over 40 nations. He received his Doctorate of Theology degree from the Jacksonville theology Seminary in Jacksonville, Florida. Dr. Benefiel serves as the First Vice President of Church on the Rock International, an apostolic network with thousands of churches worldwide. His God-given vision is to see all of Oklahoma, the Home of the Red Man, and the heartland saved and transformed by the love and power of God.