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Baby Blessings Joy CD Set
Baby Blessings Joy CD Set by Arthur Burk

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Author: Arthur Burk
Format: 2 Cds
Published: 2003

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Learning how to nurture the spirit of a baby in the womb is one of the most exciting frontiers in Biblical research. As part of that process, I had been praying for babies for about 15 years when God directed me to pray for one specific baby every week for months.

I called each Tuesday at 6:45 am and chatted with the mother for a moment, then she placed the phone on her tummy while I spoke to the child’s spirit, blessing the baby with joy. Today she is not only a joyous child, but she is wonderfully contagious, spreading joy to those around her.

May your joy increase as well, as you listen to these blessings.

2 CD Set

CD 1



God’s Presence

Joy of the Lord


Knowing Life Givers

The Prize

CD 2

Being Rescued

Walking in Favor

Solving Problems

Reproducing Your Values

Bringing the Glory of God

Remnant Prevailing

Used by God