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An MRI On Fathering CD Set
An MRI On Fathering CD Set by Arthur Burk

Price: $14.99
Author: Arthur Burk
Format: Audio
Length: 2 CDs
Published: 2013

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You are the HR director, and you are struggling with the possibility of having to fire the bright new recruit you screened so carefully. How could he be such a misfit in your company?

Often the answer to that question lies in fathering issues. When someone has Type B father wounds – where bad things happened to them – the social maladjustments are usually fairly obvious. On the other hand, where there was the absence of fathering – Type A father issues – the inadequacies are much harder to spot but will still have huge implications for whether the employee will thrive in your company.

This tool will allow you to test for each of the seven major facets of fathering to find out where the undeveloped portions of your prospective employee are. The questions are phrased in a non-psychological tone, so they can easily be sprinkled throughout a normal interview.

In the end, everyone you hire will be imperfect. By using this tool, you can find out ahead of time what the issues are that are unknown even to the applicant and can position him or her in the company, so their strengths are forward, and their deficiencies are not as likely to hurt you and them.

2 CD Set