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Dance Pastor
Dance Pastor by Saara Taina

Price: $15.99
Author: Saara Taina
Subtitle: A Practical Manual for Equipping Dancers to Release the Kingdom of Heaven
Format: Paperback
Length: 169 Pages
Published: 2015

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Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: Becoming a Dance Pastor
Chapter 2: Core Value I - The Presence of God
Exercise 1: The Rain
Exercise 2: Heart to Heart
Exercise 3: Love Languages

Chapter 3: Core Value II - Partnership with One Another - Connection and Community
Exercise 4: Calling Out the Gold
Exercise 5: Responding and Affirming
Exercise 6: Mirroring
Exercise 7: Follow the Leader – Diamond and Circle
Exercise 8: Canons
Exercise 9: Intercessory Group Dance
Exercise 10: Conversations

Chapter 4: Core Value III – Pursuing Excellence
Exercise 11: Dancing Over People – Prophetic Worship
Exercise 12: Shifting Atmospheres
Exercise 13: Personal Prophetic Intercession
Exercise 14: Prophetic Intercession for the Nations
Exercise 15: Interpreting “Tongues”

Chapter 5: Core Value IV – Pastoral Covering
Exercise 16: Listening for the Timing
Dress Code

Chapter 6: Dancing on the Streets
Exercise 17: Declarations Through Dance
Exercise 18: Pictures

Chapter 7: Children and Dance
Exercise 19: Numbers
Exercise 20: Dancing Letters

Chapter 8: Healing Rooms Dancers
Exercise 21: The River – Initiating Movement with Different Body Parts
Exercise 22: Psalm 23 – Motif Exercise

Chapter 9: A Heart of a Pastor
Exercise 23: Healing for Hearts
Exercise 24: Impartation

About the Author:
Saara Taina was born in Finland and has been teaching worship dance for more than 15 years on five continents. She was a student in the School of Worship in Jerusalem, Israel, and studied dance in Sydney, Australia. She has an Advanced Diploma of Creative Arts in Christian Ministry, specializing in Contemporary Dance. Saara is an ordained minister of the Gospel by the River International Revival Network, and she is currently pastoring the dance ministry teams at Bethel Healing Rooms and Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry. Saara travels extensively and her passion is to equip the global Bride of Christ to worship Jesus with everything She is, without fear, or shame and to release the Kingdom of Heaven through dance and creativity. Saara is the author of Encountering God Through Dance.