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Silent Songs of Worship
Silent Songs of Worship by Terri Terry

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Author: Terri Terry
Subtitle: God's Tabernacle Within Us
Format: Paperback
Length: 191 Pages
Published: 2002

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For several years prior to beginning this text, I had experienced an inward wince over the pride I saw in myself as a trained musician and worship leader. Each time I received praise from others for the work I was doing, my spirit chafed. Just about the time I began to be able to verbalize my interior discomfort, I was assigned to teach a class on Moses Tabernacle at a Bible college where I was on staff. In my preparation to teach this class, I began to perceive Gods idea of worship. To my surprise, I found that worship from Gods perspective has nothing to do with musical excellence. Gods ultimate intention for worship has little to do with audible music at all, rather it is to create the music of His Presence within us. God wants you and I to reverberate with His inaudible music.

As I studied Moses Tabernacle, I began to hear new songs, silent songs. Though previously I had always been the composer of my own worship expression to God, I was awestruck to discover that this absent-of-noise music being written within me was both from God and to God. Terri L. Terry

Table of Contents

Foreword by Judson Cornwall


Chapter 1: The Silent Song

Chapter 2: The Conservatory of Interior Worship

Chapter 3: The Song of the Wilderness

Chapter 4: The Song of the Linen Wall

Chapter 5: The Song of the Colorful Gate

Chapter 6: The Song of the Brazen Altar

Chapter 7: The Song of the Mirrored Laver

Chapter 8: The Song of the Golden Pillars

Chapter 9: The Song of the Tent Roof

Chapter 10: The Harmony of the Tabernacle Walls

Chapter 11: The Music Inside the Tent

Chapter 12: The Song of the Fellowship Table

Chapter 13: The Song of the Unleavened Bread

Chapter 14: The Song of the Golden Lampstand

Chapter 15: The Song of the Lamp Oil

Chapter 16: The Song of the Holy Flame

Chapter 17: The Song of the Incense Altar

Chapter 18: The Song of Songs of the Ark

Chapter 19: Singers of Silent Songs

About the Author

Terri L. Terry has been serving the Lord now in ministry since 1976, and she currently travels and ministers internationally. She has served on the faculty of several Bible colleges. As an ordained pastor, her insightful handling of the Scriptures and her engaging style of communication allows her to reach across denominational and gender lines throughout the Body of Christ. Mother of one grown daughter, Terri makes her home in Fortson, Georgia.