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Worship Warrior Revised and Updated
Worship Warrior Revised and Updated by Chuck Pierce and John Dickson

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Author: Chuck Pierce and John Dickson
Subtitle: Ascending in Worship Descending in War
Format: Paperback
Length: 285 Pages
Published: 2002/2010

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As God's people boldly enter His throne room in adoration and praise, we are clothed with His authority to claim the earth for His kingdom! The Worship Warrior shows you how to ascend in worship and descend in God's power to declare His will in your life, your family, your city and the nations.

In this revised and updated edition of their bestselling book, Chuck Pierce and John Dickson uncover the biblical model of worship and show you how to push back the kingdom of darkness to claim God's blessings. Each chapter concludes with fresh prophetic insights that reveal what God is seeking to accomplish in the near future through worship and spiritual warfare.

Are you ready to go to war? The Worship Warrior is your call to arms, and it will ignite a fervor in your spirit for God's rule and reign over the earth.

Table of Contents

Foreword by Dutch Sheets

Introduction: Ascend and See His Garden Filled with Glory!

Chapter 1: What Does Worship Have to Do with War?

Chapter 2: A New Thing

Chapter 3: Going Where God Is

Chapter 4: Let Us Go So That We May Worship

Chapter 5: Jesus Ascended

Chapter 6: Portals of Glory

Chapter 7: The Faith to Ascend

Chapter 8: The Host of Heaven, Judah and the Lion

Chapter 9: The Sound of Heaven

Chapter 10: Clothed for War

Chapter 11: Out of the Winepress and Into the Harvest




The church struggles today to understand the vital link between worship and spiritual warfare. Some Christians want to focus all their attention on fighting demons, while others actually propose that we totally ignore our spiritual enemies and worship all the time to see victory. A balance is needed, and I believe Chuck Pierce and John Dickson have tapped into the heart of God on this strategic issue.

J. Lee Grady, Editor, Charisma Magazine

The life of King David has always impressed me. He was Israel's most loved king and greatest warrior. However, what is most remembered is that David has a heart after God's own heart. In other words, David was a worshiper. It was his devotion to worship that made him a great king and warrior. In The Worship Warrior Chuck Pierce and John Dickson give us fresh insight into this marvelous relationship of worship and warfare. For the days ahead, we must learn how to ascend first in worship, receiving strength, wisdom and courage, and then descend into the battle to push back the gates of hell and establish His Kingdom.

Dutch Sheets, Author

About the Authors

Chuck D. Pierce serves as president of Global Spheres, Inc., president of Glory of Zion International Ministries, and as a Watchman of Global Harvest Ministries. He is a well-known prophetic voice, specializing in city transformation and mobilizing prayer throughout the world. He is author of several books, including God's Unfolding Battle Plan and co-author of many books with Rebecca Wagner Sytsema, including The Future War of the Church, Protecting Your Home from Spiritual Darkness, Prayers That Outwit the Enemy, and God's Now Time for Your Life. Chuck, his wife Pam, along with their six children, live in Denton, Texas.

John Dickson, has been leading the Body of Christ in worship since the Jesus Movement of the early '70s. He now leads the Glory of Zion International worship team, which is known for its ministry in prophetic song and breakthrough praise. He is the co-author of Worship as It Is in Heaven.