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Tabernacle of David
Tabernacle of David by Daniel Caram

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Author: Daniel Caram
Subtitle: The Higer Worship of Mount Zion
Format: Paperback
Length: 254 Pages
Published: 2003

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The Tabernacle of David is a topic that has stirred much interest in recent years. How could such an obscure subject suddenly come to center stage? In this exposition, the author will show clearly how this veil-less tent upon Mount Zion reveals the higher dimension of worship that our God seeks (John 4:24).

David’s Tabernacle not only reveals the higher worship of Mount Zion, but it also reveals the New Covenant standard. This veil-less tent housed the Ark of the Covenant. The veiled Ark speaks of the Old Covenant, whereas the unveiled Ark speaks of the New Covenant.
David has entered (figuratively) into a dimension that the church is just rediscovering: the reality of the rent veil, the reality of the manifest presence of God, and the qualifications that will allow us to ascend the “Holy Hill.” This commentary will challenge you to be a true worshipper!

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: Understanding Types
Chapter 2: Background of David’s Tabernacle
Chapter 3: The Ark on Mt. Zion
Chapter 4: The Significance of Zion’s Hill
Chapter 5: The Melchizedek Order
Chapter 6: To Rule and Reign
Chapter 7: The Higher Worship of Mt. Zion
Chapter 8: The Music Department of Mt. Zion
Chapter 9: The Ministry Courses of Mt. Zion
Chapter 10: Zion’s Standard
Chapter 11: Show Us the Way to Zion
Chapter 12: Qualifications for Zion
Chapter 13: Zion’s Blessing
Chapter 14: The Redemption of Zion
Chapter 15: The End of David, The End of Church
Chapter 16: New Testament Exhortation to Zion

About the Author:

Daniel G. Caram has been a teacher to the body of Christ for many years. Since 1983, he has been a part of the teaching staff of Zion Ministerial Institute in Waverly, New York. He has also traveled to numerous countries, teaching the Bible schools and seminars. He has also authored four other books, some of which are used in the Zion University curriculum.
Daniel and his wife Jane presently reside in Erie, Pennsylvania, where they have pastored the Church of Mt. Zion for the past twenty-five years. Reverend Caram earned his theological degree with Vision Christian Bible School and Seminary.