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Private Worship
Private Worship Nancy Missler

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Author: Nancy Missler
Subtitle: The Key to Joy
Format: Paperback
Length: 196 Pages
Published: 2002

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Why is worship the single most important thing a Christian can learn to do?

How are we to worship the Lord? Only on Sundays?

What is it that keeps us from worshipping? How is worship different from praise?

What is the connection between worship and joy?

How is it possible to restore "the joy of our salvation?"

Table of Contents



Chapter 1: What is Worship - Why is it so Important?

Chapter 2: Pathway to Worship - Offering Ourselves

Chapter 3: Preparation for Worship - Personal Surrender

Chapter 4: Personal Worship - Entering His Presence

Chapter 5: Incense and Intimacy - Hearing His Voice

Chapter 6: Spiritual Warfare - Vital for Worship

Chapter 7: Worship - Key to Joy and the Glory of God