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Wealth Riches and Money
Wealth Riches and Money by Craig Hill and Earl Pitts

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Author: Craig Hill and Earl Pitts
Subtitle: God's Biblical Principles of Finance
Format: Paperback
Length: 280 Pages

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This book is a one-of-a-kind reading opportunity revealing Biblical Principles of Finance through the inspiration and wisdom given to Craig Hill and Earl Pitts. In Wealth, Riches & Money you will learn both spiritual and practical principles of finances. The authors reveal how God desires to provide for his people not through a give and take mentality, but through a heartfelt trust they call sparrow faith. The book also shows how the world's financial system is driven by what Jesus called the spirit of Mammon, the force which would draw people away from believing in God's provision for them. The teaching includes the building blocks to help people understand God's plan for their provision.

Topic Included:

  • "Discover the difference between wealth, riches and money.
  • "What, exactly, is "Mammon?"
  • "Learn a systemized guide to getting out of debt.
  • "Learn five scriptural uses of money.
  • "Learn the building blocks which release God's blessing in finances.

Table of Contents


Part 1: Balance in Financial Wisdom

Chapter 1: The Power Behind Money (The Mammon Factor)

Chapter 2: Sparrow Faith

Chapter 3: Two Realms: Two Different Economic Systems

Part 2: Five Biblical Uses of Money

Chapter 4: Seed for the Sower

Chapter 5: Bread for Eating

Chapter 6: Close the Circle

Chapter 7: Step up to Your Debt

Chapter 8: Increasing Fruits of Righteousness

Chapter 9: Multiply Gods Resources in Sowing and Reaping

Appendix 1: Gods Managers

Appendix 2: Closing Your Financial Circle, Budgeting Made Easy

Appendix 3: Increasing Your Fruits of Righteousness


Wealth, Riches & Money is no quick look at the basic principles of finance. Rather it is a deeply insightful journey through the scripture, including an analysis of the spiritual dynamics taking place in the unseen realm. There is an exposure of the spirit of mammon, a demonic overlay that seeks to manipulate human attitudes toward money.

The pursuit of money has become the organizing principle for society and the determining factor in personal and family decision-making. This system of thoughts and habits is so pervasive that it is impossible to live above its persuasive power without the renewing of our minds and the enabling of the Holy Spirit. We need all the help we can get from mentors who will open the scriptures to us and teach us how to live.

Full of practical wisdom that flows from profound understanding of the character of God, the text constantly builds faith even as it imparts knowledge. These two men are true friends of God, mature Christian leaders who keep reminding us that basic provision for our lives is made by our heavenly Father, just because He loves us. Great stories, clear Bible teaching and honest personal testimony make this book accessible to everybody. I'll use it as a means to teach my children, but it would serve just as well the needs of a financial seminar for executives or the leadership team of a church.

John Dawson - International President, YWAM