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Releasing Kings for Ministry in the Marketplace
Releasing Kings for Ministry in the Marketplace by Harold Eberle and John Garfield

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Author: Harold Eberle and John Garfield
Format: Paperback
Length: 204 Pages
Published: 2004

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Kings is the term we use to describe men and women who harness wealth and influence in the marketplace . . . in business, government, communication, education, entertainment, finance, the arts . . . to expand Gods Kingdom.

This book explains how marketplace ministry will operate in concert with local churches and pastors. It provides a Scriptural basis for the expansion of the Kingdom of God into all areas of society. It paints a picture of Kings who are naturally competitive, creative, and decisive, who are being used to fulfill the Great Commission. God is going to use an entrepreneurial people to fill the whole Earth with His Glory. Youre invited!

Table of Contents

Foreword by John Sandford



Part 1: Kings in the Marketplace, Priests in the Church
Chapter 1: Kings Get the Job Done

Chapter 2: The Roles: Kings, Priests, and Prophets

Chapter 3: The Kings Personality

Chapter 4: Kings, Priests, and Prophets Working Together

Chapter 5: Kings in the New Testament

Chapter 6: Imagine Discipling Nations

Conclusion to Part 1

Part 2: Foundations for Kingly Motivations
Chapter 7: Who is God?

Chapter 8: Who Am I?

Chapter 9: What is in the Future?

Conclusion to Part 2

Part 3: Attributes of Kings, Motivated for the Marketplace
Chapter 10: Their Mantle: Authority in the Earth

Chapter 11: Their Confidence: Sonship and Ownership

Chapter 12: Their Strength: Desires, Visions, and passions

Chapter 13: Their Attitude: Heirs Have Permission

Chapter 14: Their Prayer: Asking Whatsoever

Chapter 15: Their Anointing: Creativity and Wisdom

Chapter 16: Their Mindset: Abundance is Gods Will

Chapter 17: Their Battle: Breaking the Poverty Mentality

Conclusion to Part 3

Part 4: The Personal Lives of Kings
Chapter 18: His Love: God

Chapter 19: His Freedom: Live as a Son

Chapter 20: His Play: Remaining Childlike

Chapter 21: His On-ramp: The Marketplace

Chapter 22: His Relationships

Chapter 23: His Leading: Fathers Who Connect

Chapter 24: His Mentors and Mentoring

Chapter 25: His Legacy: Passing the Baton

Conclusion: Where Do We Go From Here?

Appendix A: Further Your Passion for the Kingdom

Appendix B: Spread the Good News

Appendix C: Recommended Reading

Appendix D: Other Books by Harold R. Eberle


If you have any doubt that what you do in the workplace is not just a job, but a true, God-assigned ministry, Releasing Kings will make you a believer. This book is a clear road map toward exciting new freedom for the saints in the Body of Christ.

C. Peter Wagner, Presiding Apostle, International Coalition of Apostles

Releasing Kings for Ministry in the Marketplace is a refreshing look at what God wants to do through us in the workplace. The authors model bridge building as a business leader and minister write together. They offer biblical insights into the roles of prophets, priests, and kings. Your assumptions will be challenged, your faith enlarged, and your courage increased as you read these words. Creativity, mentoring, and transformation will be the results in the lives of those leaders who experience Jesus Christ in their workplace. This will be a helpful resource for bother workplace leaders and pastors.

Kent Humphreys, President, Fellowship of Companies for Christ

Releasing Kings for Ministry in the Marketplace by John Garfield and Harold Eberle is a must read for both church leaders and those called to the marketplace. This refreshing book will be used by the Lord to prepare the church of our generation for the coming harvest. I highly recommend it! May the Lord release His kings, His priests, and His prophets to honor one another and then labor together with Him to bring in the harvest.

Larry Kreider, International Director, DOVE Christian Fellowship International

About the Authors

John Garfield is bi-vocational, having been a respected engineer for 30 years and a pastor for 15 years. He has a passion and a wealth of practical insights for releasing the ministry of Kings. John and Sue have been married for more than 29 years, and they live in Kennewick, Washington, where they raised their four grown children.

Harold Eberle left the pastoral ministry in 1986 to begin a traveling ministry that has allowed him to impact Christians around the world. He has founded several schools and orphanages, and written more than 20 books. Today he oversees Worldcast Ministries and Publishing, which is based in Yakima, Washington. There he lives with Linda, his wife of over 25 years, with whom he raised their three children.