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Change Agent
Change Agent by Os Hillman

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Author: Os Hillman
Format: Paperback
Length: 236 Pages
Published: 2011

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Whether you are a CEO, housewife, student, manager, or church leader, you have a circle of influence and the ability to shape your culture for Gods purpose to be a change agent.

Os Hillman explains the process God uses to raise up His change agents in culture, demonstrated in biblical leaders like David, Daniel, Esther, and Moses. With details from his own experiences and profiles of modern-day change agents, Hillman shows how you too can have greater influence no matter what your age or status in life.

Our culture is shaped by the seven mountains of cultural influence business, government, media, arts and entertainment, education, the family, and the church. Featuring a chapter on each of the seven cultural mountains, Change Agent describes where we are, what we must do to influence these strategic areas, and what success will ultimately look like.

Table of Contents

Foreword by Lance Wallnau

Introduction: Called to a Bigger Story

Section 1: The Call to Change Culture

Chapter 1: Culture Gone Awry

Chapter 2: King Kong and the Garden of Eden

Chapter 3: Develop a Biblical Worldview

Chapter 4: Eliminate the Great Divide

Section 2: Preparation to Become a Change Agent

Chapter 5: Gods Recruitment Process

Chapter 6: Six Stages and Processes of the Cal of a Change Agent

Chapter 7: Embracing the Cross Through Brokenness

Chapter 8: The Role of Isolation

Chapter 9: Avoid the Traps of Performance, Passion, Position, and Possessions

Chapter 10: Understand Your Spiritual Authority and Responsibility

Chapter 11: Get Ready to Experience Spiritual Warfare

Section 3: Reclaiming the Seven Mountains of Culture

Chapter 12: Change Agents are Problem Solvers

Chapter 13: Change Happens When a Small Number of Change Agents Band Together

Chapter 14: Reclaiming the Family Mountain

Chapter 15: Reclaiming the Government Mountain

Chapter 16: Reclaiming Arts and Entertainment

Chapter 17: Reclaiming the Media Mountain

Chapter 18: Reclaiming the Mountain of Business

Chapter 19: Reclaiming the Education Mountain

Chapter 20: Reclaiming the Church Mountain

Chapter 21: Change Agents Changing Communities

Epilogue: We Will Reign Together as One

Appendix A: Summing It Up

Appendix B: Culture-Shaping Books, Organizations, and Websites



This book is very timely written as the world groans for the sons and daughters to arise as change agents to bring solutions to lives, society, and nations. There is a prophecy that shall be fulfilled by a passionate group of kingdom-minded leaders: The kingdoms of this world have become the kingdoms of our Lord and of His Christ, and He shall reign forever and ever! (Rev. 11:15). I believe this book casts a vision for believers to impact our world as change agents in the seven mountains or kingdoms of influence. It will challenge and motivate the readers as it provides a track for understanding Gods processes in the making of great leaders who as catalysts shall become change agents.

Pat Francis, PhD, Senior Pastor, Kingdom Covenant Center

The Bible says to pray, Your kingdom come; Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. But what does that look like, and what are Christians to do in the face of the dramatic moral decay of society today? Os Hillman answers those questions with a comprehensive blueprint for change agents. First, he grounds the reader in a biblical world-view framework for society. But before he says, Charge into the battle, he takes the reader trough the refining process of character preparation. Finally he paints the picture of how change agents can extend the kingdom on earth through the seven mountains of society. In this book Os has given Christians an essential tool to equip them for Gods call on their lives in one of the most tumultuous periods in history.

John Mulford, PhD, Director, Regent University Center for Entrepreneurship

About the Author

Os Hillman is the president of Marketplace Leaders, the author of twelve books, and writes a daily e-mail devotional called TGIF Today God Is First, which has over 200,000 subscribers worldwide. He has been featured on CNBC and NBC, in the LA Times and New York Times, and in other media as a spokesperson on faith and culture. Os attended the University of South Carolina and lives in the Atlanta metro area.