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Voice of Reformation
Voice of Reformation by Robert Henderson

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Author: Robert Henderson
Subtitle: View of the Seven Mountains in a Reformed State
Format: Paperback
Length: 165 Pages
Published: 2010

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There are seven mountains which mold the culture of a city or a nation. Why does each mountain need reformation? What would the mountain look like if it were reformed by the power of God? In this unique new book, Robert Henderson deals with these questions in a creative, informed, and remarkably lucid way. If you are committed to seeing God's kingdom come here on earth, you will love this material!

My definition of reformation is the tangible expression of the kingdom of God in society. This is what we are going after, believing for and pushing towards. By God's grace, power and His unfolded strategies, we will live to see the fullness of reformation of society realized in the earth. It is our Lord's passion and should be ours as well. I hope this book helps in this noble and high pursuit that we are after in the name of our Lord Jesus. Let us not stop until the job is complete. - Robert Henderson

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: The Seven Mountains and the Kingdom of God

Chapter 2: The Reformed Religion Mountain: The Impetus Mountain

Chapter 3: The Reformed Family Mountain: The Values Mountain

Chapter 4: The Reformed Mountain of Education: The Equipping Mountain

Chapter 5: The Mountain of Government Reformed: The Empowering Mountain

Chapter 6: The Reformed Business Mountain: The Finance Mountain

Chapter 7: The Reformed Mountain of Arts and Entertainment: The Prophetic Mountain

Chapter 8: The Reformed Mountain of Media: The Watchman Mountain

Chapter 9: The Seven Mountains and their Societal Functions

About the Author

Robert Henderson has been at the forefront of the apostolic reformation and is recognized for his passion to bring apostolic alignment to the church and the business world. Founder and leader of multiple apostolic networks, including co-leadership of the United States Alliance for Reformation and Freedom Apostolic Alliance with Dutch Sheets, Robert travels throughout the nation ministering and equipping churches and networks to understand functioning in the areas of awakening and reformation, signs and wonders, first fruits and breakthrough. During his 28 years of ministry, Robert has birthed and raised to maturity an apostolic center, founded a Bible School, planted churches and authored several books. Robert has been married to his high school sweetheart, Mary, for 31 years. They presently reside in Waco, Texas. They have six children and three grandchildren.