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Seeing Beyond
Seeing Beyond by Sarah-Jane Biggart

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Author: Sarah-Jane Biggart
Subtitle: How to Make Supernatural Sight Your Daily Reality
Format: Paperback
Length: 185 Pages
Published: 2021

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Activate your prophetic senses and operate in the invisible realm today!

Imagine having access to the unseen spiritual dimension. In fact, the Bible is clear that this should be every believer’s daily experience! As a citizen of the Kingdom of God, your inheritance is the ability to see, sense, and operate in the invisible realm of the Spirit.

God opens the unseen realm to his children, so that they can bring Heaven’s realities to earth.

Minister, intercessory leader, and cohost of Power Hour, Sarah-Jane Biggart operates as a seer prophet. She carries an impartation to help you grow your prophetic senses. Complete with testimonies, impartation, and activations, Seeing Beyond is a practical guide to interacting with the unseen Kingdom of God and manifesting Heaven’s glories here on earth.

Seeing Beyond will help you:
  • Access the spirit realm easily as you learn to enter as a citizen of Heaven.
  • Discover the key to supernatural encounters by cultivating intimacy with God.
  • Embrace the assignment of prophetic intercession and spiritual warfare to destroy darkness and advance the Kingdom of God.
  • Commune with the Lord and His angelic realm in unending heavenly places.
  • Uncover fresh Biblical revelation that inspires a lifestyle of spiritual sight.
  • Defeat the dark side of the invisible realm by shutting doors to demonic influences.

This is your invitation to engage all your spiritual senses with the Kingdom of God. As you begin to see past your daily reality into the unseen realm, Heaven’s glories will manifest in your everyday life!

Table of Contents:
Foreword by Jane Hamon
Foreword by Emma Stark
Chapter 1: Seeing Is Believing
Chapter 2: Access All Areas
Chapter 3: Taste and See
Chapter 4: Lay Down Your Life
Chapter 5: Shut Out Darkness
Chapter 6: Under Authority
Chapter 7: Make Ready for War
Chapter 8: The Key to Wisdom
Chapter 9: The Secret Garden
Chapter 10: Experiencing the Impossible

About the Author:
Sarah-Jane Biggart is director of prayer at Global Prophetic Alliance (GPA). As seer prophet she is anointed both apostolically and prophetically and ordained with Christian International. SJ has trained and activated many to see and sense the spirit. As leader of the British Isles Prayer Watch (BIPW) she also trains and mentors a number of strategic prayer teams and national watchmen at home and abroad.