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Wildfires by Jessi Green

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Author: Jessi Green
Subtitle: A Field Guide to Supernatural Revival
Format: Paperback
Length: 301 Pages
Published: 2021

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Where is the Jesus I thought I was following? If you faith feels more like a dying ember than a radiant light, perhaps you haven’t met the real Jesus.

At her core, Jessi felt dry and lifeless. Weary of anemic religion, she had almost given up on Christianity, until one day, she came face to face with the real Jesus whose eyes burn like fire! His gaze lit a spark within her, fanning the tinder of her soul into a glowing blaze.

Today, Jessi burns with a vision to see a holy fire sweep across the nation. She and her husband, Parker, lead the Saturate OC revival movement in California, where they introduce thousands of people to the real Jesus, and see lives radically changed!

You are just a few pages away from a similar encounter. In Wildfires, Jessi Green invites you to let Jesus breathe upon the embers of your soul, until your whole life burns for Him!

Discover how to . . .
  • Live fully alive with purpose and vision.
  • Triumph over the fear of man, inner shame, and crippling depression.
  • Burn with an authentic love for Jesus.
  • Radiate Holy Spirit power to a dark world.
  • Be consumed by a bold faith in a living God.

This is the moment where you break free from feeble religion and a decaying culture. Lay your life upon the altar, and let Jesus kindle a wildfire in you!

Table of Contents:
Foreword by Lou Engle
Song of Solomon 8:6-7 (TPT)
Part 1: Wildfire
Chapter 1: Are You Really Living?
Chapter 2: The End
Chapter 3: Jesus Is Really Real
Chapter 4: Are You a Watcher or a Fire Starter?

Part 2: Rites of Passage
Chapter 5: Golden Journey
Chapter 6: Heart of Flesh
Chapter 7: The Gift of Repentance
Chapter 8: Relationship Status
Chapter 9: The Uneaten Banquet

Part 3: Tools for the Field
Chapter 10: Living Spirit Led
Chapter 11: The Church Has Left the Building
Chapter 12: Persecution
Chapter 13: The Secret
Chapter 14: Burn

Part 4: Traps
Chapter 15: Revolt Against Apathy
Chapter 16: Lies Are Clues
Chapter 17: Rumors of War
Chapter 18: Snares

Part 5: If Not Now, Then When?
Chapter 19: Keepin’ It Real
Chapter 20: Drown
Chapter 21: Remnant Rising
Chapter 22: The Cost of Revival
Chapter 23: Radical Revival
Chapter 24: If Not Now, Then When?

About the Author:
Jessi Green is a revivalist, preacher, wife, mom, visionary, and creative. In 2009, she was radically saved in her apartment after a traumatic break-up and drug-filled lifestyle working as a doorman in New York City nightclubs. After encountering the love and power of God, she sold her belongings and traveled to 15 countries over 11 months, working with orphanages, preaching the Gospel, and learning to live a supernatural lifestyle. Jessi is the director of Saturate which is a global revival movement that is uniting the Church in reaching those that don’t know Jesus, baptizing them, and making disciples. She resides in Southern California with her husband, Parker, and their three children where they lead Salt Churches together.