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Supernatural Keys to the Higher Dimension
Supernatural Keys to the Higher Dimension by Suri Devaraj

Price: $16.99
Author: Suri Devaraj
Subtitle: Unlocking the Treasure in the Heavenly Realm
Format: Paperback
Length: 249 Pages
Published: 2011

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Do you know the Bible says you can be transported into another realm to unlock the treasures of God?  Have you ever wanted to see and hear what cannot be seen and heard by natural man?  Do angels and demons really exist?  Are there strongholds holding you back that you long to break free from?  In this powerful book, Suri Devaraj shares several important keys God has taught him through many visitations and spiritual experiences based on the Word of God.

Supernatural keys to the higher dimension will teach you how to:

  • Overcome limitations
  • Receive extraordinary power from God
  • Go to higher realms in God
  • Receive the power of praying in tongues
  • Walk in new dimensions of the glory of God and much, much more!

 You will never be the same again after reading this book.  Prepare yourself and get ready for the journey!


 Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Man Is a Spirit Being

Chapter 2: What Does Your Spirit Look Like?

Chapter 3: Taking Care of Your Inner Man

Chapter 4: Taking Away the Veil

Chapter 5: Losing Your Identity (Fear)

Chapter 6: Controlled by the Wrong Spirit

Chapter 7: Breaking Strongholds from Your Mind

Chapter 8: The Discerning of Spirits

Chapter 9: Undoing All the Wrong Things

Chapter 10: Extraordinary Power from Above to Overcome

Chapter 11: Righteousness

Chapter 12: Use God’s Word as a Promise

Chapter 13: Reading and Meditating

Chapter 14: What You See Can Be Yours

Chapter 15: Faith

Chapter 16: Difference Between Faith and Senses

Chapter 17: The Power of Praise and Worship

Chapter 18: The Power of the Holy Spirit

Chapter 19: Are You Thirsty?

Chapter 20: The Language that Unlocks the Heavenly Realm

Chapter 21: The Glory of God

Chapter 22: Transported



About the Author

 Originally from Naregal, South India, Suri Devaraj has been involved in full time ministry since God called him in 1986.  He has served as a church planter, pastor, and still teaches short term Bible schools in India.  He has also established an orphanage in Hubli, India. 

 Ever since his first healing crusade in 1989, God has opened doors for him to preach around the world, often seeing powerful miracles and healings.  Experiencing God in supernatural ways, Suri and his wife Tammy have a passion to teach, impart, and disciple people in their God given destiny.  Along with their three beautiful children, they reside in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, from which they travel to the nations.