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Blood Entrance Into The Supernatural
Blood: Entrance Into The Supernatural by Rona Spiropoulos

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Author: Rona Spiropoulos
Format: Paperback
Length: 205

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"This is the most powerful book on the Precious Blood of Jesus that I have ever read. I have taught on this subject for decades in the nations of the world. But, never have I had the revelations that were given to this young Greek girl when she had a face-to-face encounter with the powerful Blood of Jesus in a supernatural visitation many years ago, when she was baptized in the Holy Spirit in Africa.

When we think about Jesus Blood, we have a tendency to analyze it like a scientist or a chemist. But we havent the least understanding of the God-Blood that flowed in the veins of that Man of Sorrows, the Son of God.

It is this supernatural Divine Blood that opened the door for us to enter into the supernatural."

From the foreword by - Gwen Shaw, Ph.D., Founder and President, End-Time Handmaidens, Inc.

Table of Contents:

Foreword by Gwen Shaw



Part 1: The Blood: Entrance Into the Supernatural

Chapter 1: Do You Trust Me?

Chapter 2: Heaven Witnessed it All A Scene Out of Heavens Portals

Chapter 3: The Door

Chapter 4: Our Own Human Blood

Chapter 5: Portals in Our Blood Cells

Chapter 6: Blood Covenant

Chapter 7: The Ability to Recreate

Chapter 8: Liquid Love All Conquering Love

Chapter 9: The Power of an Endless Life

Chapter 10: The Blood is a Covering

Chapter 11: Whom Shall I Send and Who Will Go?

Chapter 12: Enoch

Chapter 13: Earthly Portals

Chapter 14: The Shekinah Glory

Chapter 15: A Pillar of Fire

Chapter 16: Stand Fast Immovable in Me!

Chapter 17: A Sacred Place of Honor

Chapter 18: The Vaults of Heaven

Chapter 19: Worship Makes the World Go Around

Chapter 20: A Pathway Through Your Hearts

Chapter 21: Pure Light

Chapter 22: The Gift of Tongues

Chapter 23: The Secret of Greatness

Chapter 24: The Light and the Glory

Chapter 25: Crowns, Garments and Mantles

Chapter 26: My Incandescent Love

Chapter 27: Come and See the Stars with Me!

Chapter 28: A Lamb in All His Gentleness

Chapter 29: Gethsemane

Chapter 30: He Ever Liveth to Make Intercession for Us

Part 2: The Transforming Power of the Blood of Christ: A Bible Study

Chapter 1: The Beginning Where It All Started!

Chapter 2: In His Judgment God Remembers Mercy

Chapter 3: A Fountain of Cleansing

Chapter 4: Who Is Jesus That His Blood Should Be So Powerful

Chapter 5: The Noahic Covenant

Chapter 6: The Blood Covenant

Chapter 7: David & Jonathan

Chapter 8: Abraham

Chapter 9: The Passover

Chapter 10: The Covenant of the Law of Moses

Chapter 11: Jesus Was the Mediator of a New Covenant

Chapter 12: The Crucifixion of Jesus

Chapter 13: The Overcoming Christ

Chapter 14: Passion for Christ