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Glory by Ruth Ward Heflin

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Author: Ruth Ward Heflin
Subtitle: Experiencing the Atmosphere of Heaven
Format: Paperback
Length: 241 Pages
Published: 1990/2000

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What is Glory?

It is the Realm of Eternity.

It is the revelation of the presence of God.

He is Glory! As air is the atmosphere of the earth, so glory is the atmosphere of heaven

Praise . . . until the spirit of worship comes. Worship . . . until the glory comes. Then . . . stand in the glory. If you can capture the basic principles of Praise, Worship, and Glory which are outlined in this book so simple that we often miss them you can have anything else you want in God.

Table of Contents



As an Instrument of Harvest

As Celebration

As Warfare

As Ascent


The Natural Progression of Praise

Worshiping the King Majesty

Worshiping the Beloved Intimacy


Te Glory Realm

The Glory Brings an Ease

The Glory Brings Revelation

The Glory Brings a Knowing

The Glory Brings Perspective


About the Author

When Ruth Ward Heflin went home to be with the Lord on September 15, 2000, she had been a minister for more than forty years. Ruth had stood before kings and rulers and slept in mud huts. Her heart was always open to those in distress. She was an anointed prophet, a gifted person of praise and a fervent one of prayer. Her revelation of worship, the entrance to the realm of His Glory continues to bless the world. She stood in every known nation of the world at some time in her life. For twenty-five years, Jerusalem was her home where she received the nations for prayer and worship. The work of her family continues at Calvary Pentecostal Church in Richmond, Virginia and Calvary Campground in Ashland, Virginia where every summer thousands come from all over the world to the Camp meeting which has been in existence for over 50 years. In this way, and through her books, Ruth Ward Heflin is still blessing the nations.