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Power of the Blood
Power Of The Blood by H.A. Maxwell Whyte

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Author: H.A. Maxwell Whyte
Subtitle: Expanded and Revised Edition
Format: Paperback
Length: 191 Pages

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You know that theres power in the blood, just like the old hymn says but are you actually experiencing that power in your daily life?

Join H. A. Maxwell Whyte in this revealing exploration of the blessings to be found in Christs blood. AS you delve deep into this newly revised and expanded version of Whytes classic best-seller, you will find out how to:

  • Experience Gods complete forgiveness
  • Become spiritually empowered, equipped, and energized
  • Break the terrifying grip of fear and torment
  • Create an atmosphere for miracles
  • Defeat oppression, addictions, and sickness

Astounding results can take place n your life once you learn the value of this vital, yet little wielded, weapon in the believers arsenal and how God wants us to use it in coping with lifes difficult situations. Discover the wonder-working power of the blood for yourself.

Table of Contents

Foreword by Stanley H. Frodsham

Preface to the Newly Revised Edition

There Is a Fountain Filled with Blood

Chapter 1: Life Is in the Blood

Chapter 2: Atonement by the Blood

Chapter 3: The Blood Speaks

Chapter 4: The Passover

Chapter 5: The Scarlet Thread

Chapter 6: The Value of the Blood

Arise, My Soul, Arise

Chapter 7: How to Plead the Blood

Chapter 8: The Blood and Divine Health

Chapter 9: The Application of the Blood

Chapter 10: Holy Spirit Baptism and the Blood

Chapter 11: Protection through the Blood

There is Power in the Blood

Chapter 12: The New Birth and the Blood

Chapter 13: Wonder-Working Power of the Blood


About the Author

About the Author

Maxwell Whyte was born on May 3, 1908 in London, England. As a child he was raised in a Presbyterian home and was strongly influenced by the godly pastor of his boyhood parish and at age sixteen, made a commitment to the Lord. After completing his education at Dulwich College in London, Maxwell entered the business world as a representative of the Anglo-American Oil Company and even during the depression years, he enjoyed a measure of success that was the envy of many during those years of economic stress. He married Olive Hughes in 1934 and soon after, they had two sons, David and Michael. When David became seriously ill, they cried out to the Lord in desperation and both were dramatically affected when God restored David to good health. Shortly after this experience, Maxwell was invited to attend a small charismatic meeting on the outskirts of London and there, he witnessed the operation of the gifts of the Holy Spirit and saw a group of people whose relationship with the Lord was one of vitality not in keeping with religious tradition.

In over forty years of ministry, Maxwell ministered in many countries of the world on five continents. At the same time, he authored at least eighteen books dealing with the workings of God in the present charismatic outpourings of the Spirit. Hundreds of letters have told of the healings and deliverances of those who have read his writings, believed, and been blessed.