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Miracle of the Scarlet Thread
Miracle of the Scarlet Thread by Richard Booker

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Author: Richard Booker
Subtitle: Revealing the Power of the Blood of Jesus from Genesis to Revelation
Format: Paperback
Length: 267 Pages
Published: 2017

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A single, scarlet thread runs through the entire Bible, weaving a beautiful garment of salvation from Genesis to Revelation. This thread shows how the Old and New Testament fit together to tell one complete story.

This sacred thread is the blood covenant Jesus made with God for you.

Uncover the miraculous story of Jesus’ sacrifice, as it is powerfully and prophetically woven through the Scriptures beginning with the covenant rituals, Adam and Eve, Abraham, Moses, and the prophets.

With three powerful new chapters, this expanded edition of the classic bestseller, The Miracle of the Scarlet Thread, is your invitation to step into the story of redemption – not merely as a reader, but as a participant.

  • Discover the prophetic origins of the New Testament’s promise for believers and how they picture Jesus in every book of the Bible.
  • Experience personally the deep significance of the covenants, the Passover, crossing the threshold and eating the salt of the covenant.
  • Enter the manifest presence of God through the ancient invitation of the Tabernacle, the High Priest, and the sacrificial offerings.

Have a fresh encounter with God and the supernatural power of the blood of Jesus!

Table of Contents:
My Encounter with God
Chapter 1: Introduction to a Dusty Old Book
Chapter 2: The Blood Covenant
Chapter 3: What Did Abraham Believe?
Chapter 4: The Tabernacle
Chapter 5: The Sacrifices
Chapter 6: The High Priest
Chapter 7: The Passover
Chapter 8: The Threshold Covenant
Chapter 9: The Salt Covenant
Review Study Questions

About the Author:
Dr. Richard Booker has written 40 books and developed numerous courses on the Bible from a Judeo-Christian perspective. He has made over 500 television programs and serves as a spiritual father to many. He and his wife, Peggy, have led tours to Israel for 25 years.