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Blood: The Other Voice in the Courts of Heaven
Blood: The Other Voice in the Courts of Heaven by Lee Robertson with Francis Myles

Price: $12.95
Author: Lee Roberson with Francis Myles
Format: Paperback
Length: 93 Pages
Published: 2020

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In this book, Apostle Roberson introduces us to a dimension of the blood of Jesus that has not been taught and few have experienced. Apostle Roberson brings a weapon back to the body of Christ that has been forgotten about and rarely taught or spoken of in years. In this book, Apostle Roberson has successfully reintroduced the power, holiness, and the purity of the blood of Christ; bringing a greater understanding of the power of the blood of Jesus to a generation that has never heard or used the blood as a weapon of war and personal sanctification in their everyday life.

In this life changing book, you will learn:
  • That the blood will do more than just wash away your sins
  • That fellowship with the blood brings you into an intimacy that causes your entire life to be impacted
  • That this spiritual technology unlocks an ancient teaching that will place you in a victorious state – leaving the devil with no weapon he can use to strategize or overtake you
  • That the blood of Jesus is the most important voice in the Courts of Heaven
  • How to activate the power of God’s grace by initiating the law of repentance

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: The Return of the Blood
Chapter 2: The Law of Repentance
Chapter 3: Removing Spots and Blemishes
Chapter 4: Understanding the Age
Chapter 5: The Voice
Chapter 6: The Blood: God’s Divine Restraining Order
Chapter 7: The Value of Jesus
Chapter 8: Fellowshipping with the Blood

About the Author:
Apostle Lee Roberson serves as apostle of The Sons of God Embassy in Jacksonville, FL. He currently operates under the covering of his spiritual father Francis Myles. Apostle Roberson is happily married to Prophetess April Roberson and they reside in Orange Park, FL.