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Praying the Blood of Jesus the Right Way
Praying the Blood of Jesus the Right Way by Pius Joseph

Price: $11.50
Author: Pius Joseph
Subtitle: Pleading the Blood of Jesus for Turnaround
Format: Paperback
Length: 103 Pages
Published: 2020

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You have seen the title, praying the blood of Jesus the right way and that is what this book will guide you to do so that the full power of the blood of Jesus can be unleashed for your complete deliverance from the attacks of the enemy and your breakthrough.

For every believer, the blood of Jesus is supposed to be the potent weapon for your deliverance and warfare from the works of the devil, yet as a result of the way the believer hasn’t fully understood how to plead and use the blood of Jesus, he hasn’t benefited from it.

The devil knows that from the day that you know the full power of the blood of Jesus and how you can use it to pray, then he is in trouble. And he would do everything possible to keep you from knowing that, including the revelation that is contained in this book. The word of God tells us that God’s people perish for lack of knowledge.

And do you know what this book will do for you? Equip you with the scriptural knowledge of the blood of Jesus and how to appropriate that power into your life.

In this book, you will learn:
  • The power of the blood of Jesus
  • How to plead the blood of Jesus
  • Prayers of the blood of Jesus that turns your life around

Table of Contents:
Content of the Blood
Divine Protection
The Voice of the Blood
Combining Two
Blood and His Name
How to Plead the Blood of Jesus
Praying the Blood of Jesus and Spiritual Warfare
Prayers of the Blood
Rising the Standard Prayers
Deliverance Prayers by the Blood of Jesus
Deliverance over Financial Yokes
Deliverance of Blood Line
Deliverance over Infirmities
Deliverance over the Works of Your Hands
The Blood of Jesus over Dream Breakers
Blood over Blessing Stealers
Blood over Enemy Exchanges
The Blood over Enemy Threat
Blood over Witchcraft Oppression
Blood over Academic Attack
Important Decision