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Give Him 15
Give Him 15 by Dutch Sheets

Price: $15.00
Author: Dutch Sheets
Subtitle: An Appeal to Heaven Devotional Volume 1
Format: Hardcover
Length: 263 Pages
Published: 2022

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Excerpts from Give Him 15 Volume 1:

“Though modern-day revisionists try to rewrite and remove this from our history, the truth will always trump their lies . . .”

“We were birthed by the hand of God, not just for our personal blessing and freedom, but to represent Christ around the world. In our now spiritually weakened state, America must appeal again. Only that which birthed us then can rebirth us now: an appeal to heaven . . .”

“Let it be said of our generation that when a nation teetered on the edge of destruction, having lost the ancient path of truth, we answered the divine call to war for its restoration. Let it be said of us, as it as of our forefathers, that in the face of overwhelming odds, we took our stand in the celestial courtroom, appealing to the Judge of all the earth for His saving grace, mercy, and sustaining power.

Join us on the Give Him 15 journey. Let’s appeal to heaven together!

Table of Contents:
Prologue: The Birth of Give Him 15
Day 1: A Flag Reborn
Day 2: God Decided It Would Fly Again
Day 3: Why We Fight
Day 4: Synergy of the Ages
Day 5: Put Yourself in the Storyline
Day 6: Is God Sovereign?
Day 7: Be the Church
Day 8: Understanding Kingly and Priestly Intercession
Day 9: Operating in the Invisible Realm
Day 10: Warring Alongside Michael
Day 11: Releasing Power
Day 12: Wy Do We Decree and Declare?
Day 13: War With Covenant
Day 14: Why Did David Use a Sling?
Day 15: Use America’s History as Your Weapon
Day 16: A Prophetic Dream of a Founding Father
Day 17: Let the Sieges Begin
Day 18: How to Pray for the Unsaved
Day 19: A Little Understood Truth
Day 20: God Will Turn the Tables
Day 21: The Importance of Staying Alert
Day 22: The Red Sea Encounter
Day 23: Exposing the Source of Evil in America Part 1
Day 24: Exposing the Source of Evil in America Part 2
Day 25: It’s Time to Make a Stand
Day 26: Filling the Bowls of Heaven
Day 27: God Wants to Heal History
Day 28: The Dress Rehearsal
Day 29: The Victory Meal
Day 30: Paid In Full

About the Author:
Dutch Sheets is an internationally recognized author and founder of Dutch Sheets Ministries and Give Him 15. Having been in ministry for over 45 years, Dutch has pastored, taught in Bible colleges, and preached in many nations. He is a messenger of hope for America, boldly proclaiming that she will experience a Third Great Awakening and turn back to her God-given destiny. Dutch treasures time spend with his family and grandchildren. Dutch and Ceci, his wife of 40+ years, enjoy quiet walks in the woods, reading, fishing, and an occasional walk on the beach. They make their home in beautiful South Carolina.