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Prayers for Cleansing Ancestral Bloodlines in the Courts of Heaven
Prayers for Cleansing Ancestral Bloodlines in the Courts of Heaven by Bruce Cook

Price: $19.99
Author: Bruce Cook
Subtitle: for Families, Individuals, Couples, Organizations, Cities, States, Provinces, Regions, and Nations
Format: Paperback
Length: 240 Pages
Published: 2020

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Although you are not personally responsible for the sins of others, you are influenced by and can suffer from the consequences of your forefathers’ sins through your ancestral bloodline. These sins provide an access point for Satan to accuse and attack you and your family. You have the legal right to stand in the gap, enter the Courts of Heaven, and offer up the prayers of repentance for your ancestral bloodline in order to break the generational cycles and patterns. Find out how to do this and much more in this powerful book of prayers.

To beat Satan at his own game, it is much more effective to confront him in a Courtroom in heaven first, before engaging him on a battlefield on the earth. This is divine order, strategy, and wisdom. As you deal with outstanding issues in your life, the lives of family members, and your ancestral bloodline in the Courts of Heaven, you will see and experience the fruit of this repentance. There you can face your Accuser and be defended by Christ Jesus, your Advocate. His perfect defense allows you to obtain a verdict in your favor from Father God, the Supreme Judge. There you can obtain mercy and find relief, freedom, and breakthrough.

Table of Contents:
Part 1: Preparing and Presenting Your Case in the Courts of Heaven
Chapter 1: Families and Ancestral Bloodlines
Chapter 2: Preparing to Enter the Courts of Heaven
Chapter 3: Entering the Courts of Heaven
Chapter 4: Presenting, Reviewing and Weighing the Evidence in Your Case

Part 2: Prayer Templates for the 10 Core Areas of Ancestral Bloodline Repentance
Chapter 5: Setting the Stage for Repentance
Chapter 6: Idolatry
Chapter 7: Freemasonry and Secret Societies
Chapter 8: Occult and Witchcraft
Chapter 9: Sexual Sins
Chapter 10: Innocent Bloodshed and Acts of Violence
Chapter 11: Financial Sins and Mammon
Chapter 12: Addictions
Chapter 13: Religion
Chapter 14: Racial, Gender, Age and Cultural Bias, Prejudice, Discrimination and Persecution
Chapter 15: Sins of Omission

Part 3: Resting Your Case and Receiving and Enforcing Your Verdict
Chapter 16: Resting Your Case and Receiving Your Verdict
Chapter 17: Walking Out and Enforcing Your Verdict
Chapter 18: Ongoing Maintenance and Repentance for Any New Issues That May Arise
Chapter 19: Praying for Organizations, Cities, States, Provinces, Regions and Nations
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About the Author:
Dr. Bruce Cook is a global influencer, apostolic teacher, thought leader, kingdom ambassador, and trusted voice of revelation in the Body of Christ. He consults and collaborates with, commissions, advises, equips, mentors, disciples, inspires, and empowers other leaders in the Church and the marketplace. Bruce and his wife, Caroline, live in the scenic Pacific Northwest region in the Puget Sound area.