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Shaking the Heavens
Shaking the Heavens by Ana Mendez Ferrell

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Author: Ana Mendez Ferrell
Subtitle: Pray God's Will On Earth As It Is In Heaven
Format: Paperback
Length: 228 Pages
Published: 2000/2008

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Largely unopposed by the Church, the enemy has overrun our society. Now God is awakening and calling His people to battle. He is arming us with a new understanding of our times, brining a new anointing upon His Church and equipping us with the tools we need to achieve victory.

Ana Mendez Ferrell exposes the enemys plans and shows how God is raising up a victorious army one with the power of the Holy Spirit that will vanquish the enemies of Jesus Christ and place them under His footstool for His glory!

Table of Contents

Foreword by Apostle Dr. C. Peter Wagner

Foreword by Apostle Dr. Rony Chavez
Part 1: It is a Time of War
Chapter 1: The Prophetic Mantle

Chapter 2: Elijahs Mantle and the Anointing of Fire

Chapter 3: The Organization of the Kingdom of Darkness

Chapter 4: Gods Angels at the Service of the Saints

Chapter 5: Authority Over the Power of the Enemy

Chapter 6: Confronting the Devil in the Desert

Part 2: Territorial Warfare
Chapter 7: Spiritual Strongholds

Chapter 8: Open Wounds that Cry Out to Heaven

Chapter 9: The Organization of Gods Army

Chapter 10: Prophetic Acts and Symbols in Spiritual Warfare

Chapter 11: Symbols Used in Territorial Battle

Chapter 12: The Complexity of Structures in the Spiritual Realm

Chapter 13: The Strategic Work of Spiritual Mappers

Chapter 14: Weapons in the Palace of the Forest

Chapter 15: Disarming the Powers

Epilogue God is Mustering an Army!

Appendix The Religion of Santeria


Ana Mendez Ferrell is a general in Gods army in every sense of the word.

Cindy Jacobs, Cofounder, Generals International

Shaking the Heavens brings us to Gods ground zero, where spiritual warfare is both potent and relevant. Ana Mndez Ferrell writes with the kind of passion needed to deal a decisive blow against spiritual strongholds around the world.

Dutch Sheets, Author

About the Author

Ana Mendez Ferrell graduated by the University of California. Her experience in this field has helped to transform many nations, setting them free from the grip of the enemy. She is also known by her prophetic and apostolic office training thousands of people in the knowledge of the Kingdom of God. She is under the covering of Dr. Rony Chavez and C. Peter Wagner and is Founder along with her husband Emerson Ferrell of Voice of the Light Ministries.