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Regions Of Captivity
Regions Of Captivity by Ana Mendez Ferrell

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Author: Ana Mendez Ferrell
Subtitle: One of the Most Powerful Ways to be Delivered
Format: Paperback
Length: 172 Pages
Published: 2010

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Traditional methods of deliverance require time, dedication, physical and spiritual strength. This is a price few are willing to pay. Jesus taught and demonstrated a more profound way. This book explains His methods in amazing detail.

Table of Contents

Foreword by Apostle John Eckhardt


Chapter 1: The Era of New Revelations

Chapter 2: At Deaths Door

Chapter 3: Heavenly and Infernal Places

Chapter 4: Captivity and the Cities in Ruin

Chapter 5: Spiritual Realms Revealed

Chapter 6: The Different Regions of Captivity

Chapter 7: Setting the Captives Free

Chapter 8: A Gadarene by Flory Gonzalez

Chapter 9: I was set free from the Captivity of Homosexuality and Drug Addiction by David S. Rios

Chapter 10: The Deliverance of Philip by Gabriel and Rose Du Roi

Chapter 11: My Fathers Resurrection by Joan M.R. Acosta

Chapter 12: Can a City by Born in a Day? by Fernando Orihuela


No, as never before, the body of Christ needs to move up a notch in its knowledge of and application of principles of serious spiritual warfare. No one knows this better than Ana Mendez Ferrell who has been an inside player on both sides of the conflict.

C. Peter Wagner, International Coalition of Apostles

I have personally heard Sister Ana teach this message and have seen the freedom that comes through its application to hurting people. You will not accomplish what God has ready for your life if there are areas that remain in captivity.

David Hogan, Freedom Ministries

About the Author

Ana Mendez Ferrell, Doctor of Theology from the University of California, is one of the most well known generals of Gods army. Her experience in this field has helped transform many nations, freeing them from the oppression of the enemy. Ana, whose job description includes apostle and prophet, has trained thousands of people through the understanding of the kingdom of God. She is under the covering of Apostle Dr. Rony Chaves and Apostle C. Peter Wagner and along with her husband Emerson Ferrell, are the founders of the Voice of the Light Ministry.