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End of an Era
End of an Era by Ana Mendez Ferell

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Author: Ana Mendez Ferrell
Subtitle: The Dramatic Destruction of Israel in the Year 70 AD
Format: Paperback
Length: 171 Pages
Published: 2016

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Ignoring history causes us to fall into serious interpretation errors regarding “End of the World” prophecies. Jesus and the apostles used the word “aion” when they referred to the end of “an era” and not the word “Kosmos”, which refers to “the world.”

The Jewish Historian, Flavius Josephus lived in the first century throughout the end of the Old Testament Jewish age and he described what took place in great detail in his books “The Wars of the Jews.”

The author makes a compilation and summary of thee very valuable historical writings, joining segments where we can clearly appreciate the fulfillment of all prophecies of the end. This book is very revealing and graphic. You will read about the signs seen in the sky and in the Temple as well as the horrors that occurred until the final destruction of old Israel.

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: The End of An Era
Chapter 2: The Importance of Knowing History
Chapter 3: Flavius Josephus
Chapter 4: The Destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple in History
Chapter 5: The Sects and the Most Important Characters in the Wars Among the Jews
Chapter 6: The Wars of the Jews by Flavius Josephus
Chapter 7: The Beginning of the Destruction of Jerusalem
Chapter 8: The Horrors within the City and the Exit of Jesus’ Disciples
Chapter 9: The Great Famine Produced by the Siege of the City and Those Crucified on the Walls
Chapter 10: The Destruction of the Temple
Chapter 11: The Signs Which Preceded and Were Revealed Before the Destruction
Chapter 12: The Final Stage