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Seated in Heavenly Places
Seated in Heavenly Places by Ana Mendez Ferrell

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Author: Ana Mendez Ferrell
Subtitle: Ruling from Heaven to Transform the Earth
Format: Paperback
Length: 245 Pages
Published: 2016

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This new enlarged and revised version of Seated in Heavenly Places presents new revelation to the new generations being raised around the world.

This is a book of reformation that includes the keys to understanding the government of God and experiencing His power in our lives. This is a work that challenges you to the very core of your being as the Lord takes you to His Throne.

These pages, written by Dr. Ana Mendez Ferrell, will allow you to understand the spiritual realm and help you penetrate the most beautiful places and dimensions of the Spirit. You will be guided on how to see and know God, not when you die, but here and now.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: God is a God of Designs

Section 1: Principles of the Kingdom

Chapter 2: The Throne of God

Chapter 3: Christ, a Kingdom of Light

Chapter 4: Christ, a Kingdom of Love

Chapter 5: The Invisible Dimension of His Kingdom

Chapter 6: The Dwellings of the Spirit and Heavenly Places

Chapter 7: The Entrance to the Kingdom of God

Section 2: Reformation!

Chapter 8: Principles of Reformation

Chapter 9: Christ, the Apostle Revealed

Chapter 10: The Governing Church

Chapter 11: The Restoration of the Temple

About the Author

Ana Mendez Ferrell has a doctorate of Theology from the University of California. She is well known for her profound understanding of the Word of God. The Lord has given her a prophetic and apostolic ministry with a deep understanding of the spiritual realm. God has also given her authority and knowledge about His Kingdom and its government, making Ana a general in His Army. Through her ministry, books, conferences and TV programs; Ana Mendez Ferrell has trained millions how to live in the will, power and authority of God in over 50 nations.