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Setting Captives Free
Setting Captives Free by Jake Kail

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Author: Jake Kail
Subtitle: How to Break the Chains of Demonic Influence
Format: Paperback
Length: 205 Pages
Published: 2020

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Deliverance ministry should be a normal part of your everyday Christian life!

Deliverance was a key part of Jesus’ ministry and we need it today more than ever. Even in our modern day, demons work to influence and oppress. But it takes the compassion of Father God, the power of the Spirit, and the model of Jesus Christ to cast out demons, bringing the oppressed into freedom and wholeness.

In this user-friendly handbook, pastor and author Jake Kail equips everyday Christians to effectively cast out demons, setting the captives free with power and compassion. With easy-to-follow strategies, powerful Biblical principles, and real-life testimonies, Jake helps you release deliverance – starting with your own life!

Get ready to learn how to:
  • Focus on the foundations of deliverance ministry: intimacy with God and hearing His voice.
  • Recognize the various ways that evil spirits get in.
  • Use the 3 Keys for Deliverance to set captives free.
  • Break free from bondage to sin, demonic torment, and oppression.
  • Expel spirits that cause sickness and disease.
  • Receive deliverance from destructive words, generational curses, and ungodly soul ties.
  • Effectively minister deliverance to youth and children.

Whether you need to experience your own breakthrough, or you sense God calling you to release His freedom to others, you have been anointed to set captives free! This book will help you walk in that anointing.

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: Jesus Came to Set Captives Free
Chapter 2: Five Truths About Demonic Influence
Chapter 3: Power and Authority Over Demons
Chapter 4: How to Receive Deliverance
Chapter 5: Forgiveness Opens the Prison Door
Chapter 6: Breaking the Chains of Bondage
Chapter 7: Deliverance from Demonic Oppression
Chapter 8: Set Free from Demonic Torment
Chapter 9: Freedom from the Spirit of Infirmity
Chapter 10: Uprooting Generational Curses and Strongholds
Chapter 11: Breaking Word Curses and Severing Soul Ties
Chapter 12: Setting Our Children Free
Chapter 13: Established in Freedom
Chapter 14: Raising Up an Army to Set Captives Free
Appendix 1: Open Doors to Demonic Influence
Appendix 2: What is the Occult?
Appendix 3: A Prayer for Deliverance
Appendix 4: Biblical Declarations for Walking in Freedom

About the Author:
Jake Kail was called to ministry in college after a life-changing encounter with God. He is the author of multiple books including Keys for Deliverance and Hypocrisy Exposed. He speaks and minsters at churches, conferences, retreats, and other events. Jake and his family live in Lancaster, Pennsylvania where he serves as the lead pastor of Threshold Church.