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How to Minister Deliverance Training Manual
How to Minister Deliverance Training Manual  by Jake Kail

Price: $17.99
Author: Jake Kail
Subtitle: Equipping for Casting Out Demons and Setting Captives Free
Format: Paperback
Length: 125 Pages
Published: 2022

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God is restoring deliverance to the church, but many believers feel intimidated or ill-equipped to cast out demons. Perhaps the only examples they have seen use bizarre, unbiblical, or unhelpful methods.

How to Minister Deliverance is a training manual that will help equip and empower you to step into the ministry of deliverance. This manual is not just for church leaders – it is for any believer who wants to begin to grow in ministering deliverance.

In this manual, you will learn about:
  • The right foundation for ministering deliverance
  • Walking in authority and the anointing of the Holy Spirit
  • Biblical keys and a practical model you can use to minister deliverance
  • Specific prayers to use in various situations
  • How to deal with demonic manifestations
  • How to minister deliverance in a group setting
  • Practical tips for ministering deliverance to children
  • How to train ministry teams in deliverance . . . and more!

This manual can be used for leaders, ministry tams, churches, small groups, or everyday believers who want to embrace the call to cast out demons. God is raising up an army to set captives free. How to Minister Deliverance will help empower you to be a part of that army!

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: The Right Foundation
Chapter 2: Understand Your Authority in Christ
Chapter 3: The Power of the Holy Spirit
Chapter 4: Three Keys for Deliverance
Chapter 5: A Model for Ministering Deliverance
Chapter 6: Sample Deliverance Prayers
Chapter 7: Spiritual Weapons and Tools of Ministry
Chapter 8: Ministering Deliverance in a Group Setting
Chapter 9: How to Train a Ministry Team
Chapter 10: Ministering Deliverance to Children
Chapter 11: Difficult Cases and When Deliverance Doesn’t Come
Chapter 12: Frequently Asked Questions
Conclusion: A Prayer of Commissioning
Appendix 1: Open Doors to Demonic Influence
Appendix 2: Sample Deliverance Questionnaire
Appendix 3: Biblical Proclamations for Walking in Freedom
Appendix 4: Ministries and Truths Related to Deliverance

About the Author:
Jake Kail was called to ministry in college after a life-changing encounter with God. He is the author of multiple books including Setting Captives Free and Hypocrisy Exposed. He speaks and ministers at churches, conferences, retreats, and other events. Jake and his family live in Lancaster, Pennsylvania where he serves as the lead pastor of Threshold Church.