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Breaking the Octopus Grip
Breaking the Octopus Grip by Doug Carr

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Author: Doug Carr
Format: Paperback
Length: 93 Pages
Published: 2020

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Addiction is multi-faceted, and each facet must be addressed. Breaking the Octopus Grip of Addiction came through revelation of an octopus. The head represents the spirit of bondage, the tentacles represent: rejection, iniquity, rebellion, python, fragmentation, trauma and imprinting. This book equips addicts and their mentors to address a plethora of issues leading to the truth that will set them free.

Table of Contents:
Authors’ Preface
Co-author Pam’s Preface
Doug’s Wrap up of our Preface
Chapter 1: Overview
Chapter 2: Meet the Octopus
Chapter 3: The Head of the Octopus
Chapter 4: The Tentacle of Rejection
Chapter 5: The Tentacle of Iniquity
Chapter 6: The Tentacle of Rebellion
Chapter 7: The Tentacle of Python
Chapter 8: The Tentacle of Fragmentation
Chapter 9: The Tentacle of Trauma
Chapter 10: The Tentacle of Imprinting
Chapter 11: Breaking Free from Spirits of Addiction
Chapter 12: Replacing the Strongman with the Strong One!
About the Authors

About the Author:
Doug Carr was saved at a Bill Gothard Seminar in 1972. Sixteen months later he entered full time Christian ministry through Youth for Christ, and that fall began Spring Arbor College where he earned his bachelor’s in philosophy and religion. During his sophomore year at Spring Arbor College, Doug answered the call to preach. He took his first church in 1976, his second in 1978, and then moved to Sturgis, Michigan where he has pastored since 1992. Doug attended Wagner Leadership Institute where he completed his masters and doctorate in 2001. He authored his first book Free Indeed while attending that school. Douglas and his wife, Pamela, co-pastor His House Foursquare Church in Sturgis, Michigan. They are members of the International Society of Deliverance Ministers and the Breakthrough Apostolic Ministers Network. They do seven different seminars on deliverance and lead a deliverance minister equipping and certification program designed to better equip churches and regions to heal broken hearts and set captives free.