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Demons Among Us
Demons Among Us by Michele Erdmann

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Author: Michele Erdmann
Format: Paperback
Length: 134 Pages
Published: 2014

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Many believe demons only exist in Hollywood horror films, but there is real demonic activity at work in the world. It is strategic, dangerous, and it seductively entraps unsuspecting people, leading them into the ambush of veiled occult activity.

Demons Among Us is a true account of author Michele Erdmann’s victory over the demonic influences in her life, how she found the truth about fortune tellers and new age teachings, and a vivid warning to those who unknowingly entertain demonic activity in their homes, schools, and churches.

This bold testament of warning and instruction will help you to:

  • Wake up and be alert to evil forces
  • Be vigilant against the subtle infiltration of the enemy
  • Prepare for battle to protect your home and family

In a time when the subtle infiltration of the enemy is destroying families, taking lives, and blinding people from the truth, Demons Among Us encourages believers to live in victory. Now is the time to be spiritually empowered to see the enemy’s strategy and evade his deadly traps!

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: Demons Among Us
Chapter 2: Demons in Me
Chapter 3: That’s Not Fair!
Chapter 4: Growing in Strength and Understanding
Chapter 5: Battle Tools
Chapter 6: Open Doors
Chapter 7: Legal Access
Chapter 8: Who’s Leading?
Chapter 9: The Power of Forgiveness
Chapter 10: Hearing and Listening
Chapter 11: Holy Spirit Leading
Chapter 12: Obedience and Deliverance
Chapter 13: God’s Faithfulness

About the Author:

Michele Erdmann graduated from St. Thomas Christian College and Seminary, with a bachelor of Christian Education, Master of Christian Counseling, and a Doctorate of Christian Education. As an educator, she has served in the United States and China. Michele and her husband, Drue, have four adopted special needs children living at home, and six biological children that have left the nest. They currently reside in Adams, Wisconsin.