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Gods Leaders for Tomorrow's World
God's Leaders for Tomorrow's World by Harold Eberle

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Author: Harold Eberle
Subtitle: Third Edition
Format: Paperback
Length: 111 Pages

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Leaders are found in every sector of life. We have national leaders at various levels, community leaders, corporate leaders, church leaders, and those who lead families. This book is a must for all those in positions of authority and those called to be.

  • Develop effective leadership skills
  • Understand the proper lines of authority
  • Learn how to deal with power struggles
  • Develop a godly charisma and release your anointing
  • Become all God has called you to be!

In Gods Leaders for Tomorrows World, Harold R. Eberle addresses these issues by delivering a biblical understanding of authority. This book series as a tool for increased effectiveness, used by leaders worldwide in their service to others. The author motivates those who desire to rise to higher levels of excellence in their leadership roles. It is Mr. Eberles conviction that the emergence of the greatest leaders this world ever has seen is now on the horizon.

A leader gives that which cannot be seen. Yet what it produces is the visible fruit of changed lives, fulfillment, healthy relationships, faith in mens hearts, and the very structure of the society in which we live.

A leader must not be removed so far from his people that they feel abandoned . . . Two steps ahead and he will lose them. No steps ahead and he will lose his ability to point the way . . .

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Purpose at the Front

Chapter 2: Four Lines of Authority

Chapter 3: Believe in Leadership

Chapter 4: The Charisma of a Leader

Chapter 5: A Leaders Poise of Soul

Chapter 6: Beyond Authority Limits

Chapter 7: Power Struggles

Chapter 8: Keeping Peace

Chapter 9: Relational Adultery

Chapter 10: Filling Your Metron

Chapter 11: Trusting the Anointing

Chapter 12: The Heart of the Leader

Chapter 13: Leaders Are Different

Chapter 14: The Making of a Leader