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Comings of Christ Third Edition
Comings of Christ Third Edition by Harold Eberle

Price: $12.99
Author: Harold Eberle
Subtitle: Why I Am a Partial Preterist Not a Full Preterist
Format: Paperback
Length: 159 Pages
Published: 2022

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Among Christians who are already involved in discussions about preterism, the various views raise heated debates. However, most Christians are unaware of the related issues or profound implications. From this easy-to-understand book, you can learn the basics and then make a wise decision concerning the most biblical view.

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: Primary Difference Between Full and Partial Preterism
Chapter 2: Have All Prophecies Been Fulfilled?
Chapter 3: Full Preterists Misunderstand the Parousia
Chapter 4: Question 1: When Will These Things Happen?
Chapter 5: Question 2: The Sign of Your Coming?
Chapter 6: Question 3: The End of the Jewish Age?
Chapter 7: Question 4: The End of the Present Age!
Chapter 8: The Coming Day of Judgment
Chapter 9: The Growing Kingdom of God
Chapter 10: Time Frame for the Book of Revelation
Chapter 11: Overview of the Book of Revelation
Chapter 12: Second Set of Judgments Against Rome
Chapter 13: Who Is Babylon?
Chapter 14: Looking through the Lens of Covenant or King?
Chapter 15: The Second Coming and Marriage Feast
Chapter 16: The Millennial Reign of Jesus
Chapter 17: Satan’s Activity in the World?
Chapter 18: Great White Throne Judgement
Chapter 19: The Resurrection of the Dead
Chapter 20: The Resurrection of the Physical Body
Chapter 21: The Law and Old Covenant Were Good
Chapter 22: The 40 Year Transition Theory
Chapter 23: The Heaven and Earth
Chapter 24: The Plan of the Ages
Chapter 25: The New Heaven and Earth Forever
Summary of the Major Errors of Full Preterism
Appendix A: Practical Implications of Full Preterism
Appendix B: The God of No Wrath

About the Author:
During the last 40+ years, Dr. Harold Eberle has taught across the US and over 30 other nations on subjects related to God and western history. Having authored more than 25 books, he has distinguished himself internationally as a dynamic and well-informed teacher. Harold and his wife, Linda, have also cohosted a TV program that has been broadcast in more than 140 nations. They live in Yakima, Washington, where they raised their three children who are now grown. Yakima serves as home base and headquarters for their work, Worldcast Ministries and Publishing.