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Spiritual Realities 2nd Edition
Spiritual Realities: The Spiritual, Mystical and Supernatural by Harold Eberle

Price: $23.95
Author: Harold Eberle
Subtitle: The Spiritual, Mystical and Supernatural
Format: Paperback
Length: 367 Pages
Published: 2011

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Harold E. Eberle has become known internationally as a teacher to the Body of Christ. Having founded twelve Bible colleges in developing nations and authoring over thirty books, he has influenced leaders lives all over the world. Harolds passion is for the maturation of the Church.

In this book, Harold explains the spiritual realm from a Christian perspective. He deals with issues such as:

  • What exists in the spiritual realm
  • How people access that realm
  • Discerning things in the spirit
  • Activities of witches, psychics and New Agers
  • Spiritual impartations and influences between people
  • Out-of-body experiences
  • Interpretations of dreams
  • Angelic and demonic visitations
  • Understanding supernatural phenomena from a Biblical perspective

Never before has such a profound set of teachings on this subject been released to the Body of Christ. Now you can have the answers to the questions you always have wanted to ask.

Table of Contents


Section 1: The Spiritual Realm and How we Access It

Chapter 1: Developing a Picture of the Spiritual Realm

Chapter 2: Our Contact with the Spiritual Realm

Chapter 3: How to Tune into the Spirit

Chapter 4: How Evil Spiritists Tap into the Spiritual Realm

Chapter 5: How the Human Brain is Affected

Chapter 6: Escaping into the Spirit

Chapter 7: Doorways to the Spiritual Realm

Chapter 8: Keys that Open the Door to the Spiritual Realm

Chapter 9: Open Doorways for Power to Flow

Chapter 10: Discerning Spiritual Manifestations


Section 2: The Breath of God in Us

Chapter 11: The Origin of a Persons Spirit and Soul

Chapter 12: Every Person Has the Breath of God

Chapter 13: The Nature of a Persons Spirit and Soul

Chapter 14: The Whole Person: Emotions and Thoughts

Chapter 15: Identifying the Will of a Person

Chapter 16: Identifying the Heart of a Person

Chapter 17: Born of Incorruptible Seed

Chapter 18: Gods Spirit and the Christians Spirit

Chapter 19: Can Evil Reside Within a Christian?

Chapter 20: Releasing the Holy Spirit


Section 3: Escaping Dualism

Chapter 21: Correctly Dividing Asunder

Chapter 22: Knowing Gods Will

Chapter 23: Fulfilling Gods Will

Chapter 24: Serve God with Your Whole Soul

Chapter 25: Soul Power

Chapter 26: Discerning the Flow of Spiritual Energy

Chapter 27: Dualism: Seedbed for Sexual Perversion

Chapter 28: The Biblical View of the Physical Body

Chapter 29: Embrace Your Life on Earth

Chapter 30: You Are a Human Being


Section 4: Powers and Activities of a Persons Spirit

Chapter 31: Spiritual Presence

Chapter 32: Beyond the Body

Chapter 33: The Emanating Spirit

Chapter 34: Spiritual Forces Acting on the Natural World

Chapter 35: Power of the Spoken Word

Chapter 36: Spiritual Power: Right or Wrong?

Chapter 37: Manipulations of the Mind

Chapter 38: Out-of-Body Experiences

Chapter 39: Through Space and Time

Chapter 40: Understanding Dreams


Section 5: Spiritual Dynamics Between People

Chapter 41: Bonding and Harmonizing

Chapter 42: Transference of Spiritual Substance

Chapter 43: The Giver of Spiritual Substance

Chapter 44: Conditions for Spiritual Exchanges

Chapter 45: People Functioning as a Unit

Chapter 46: The Human Spirit and Authority

Chapter 47: Corporate Authority in the Family

Chapter 48: Authority Streams throughout Society

Chapter 49: Changing or Escaping a Spiritual Stream

Chapter 50: Pyramid Dynamics