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Prophet Arise
Prophet Arise by John Eckhardt

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Author: John Eckhardt
Subtitle: Your Call to Boldly Speak the Word of the Lord
Format: Paperback
Length: 173 Pages
Published: 2015

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Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you. For the darkness shall cover the earth and deep darkness the peoples; but the Lord shall rise upon you, and His glory shall be seen upon you. Isaiah 60: 1-2, MEV

Something is stirring inside of you, but it has been silenced, gravely undermined, and misunderstood. You must believe that God has not forgotten you. He has not sidelined you. You are not crazy. Prophet, arise! Come out of your cave and be encouraged to speak forth the word of the Lord. God is calling you to be His trumpet and to sound the alarm.

The body of Christ desperately needs prophets to awaken and go forth. Whether you have never spoken a prophetic word or you actively engage your gift, best-selling author John Eckhardt provides an unparalleled, inspiring teaching for you. He boldly reveals the characteristics of a prophet that may lie dormant in your life so God can launch you into your calling. You will learn:

  • Unique characteristics of a prophet
  • The details of a prophet’s call
  • What moves a prophet’s heart and stirs the anointing
The rewards a prophet brings to those who receive them how to find healing and deliverance for the prophet who has been hurt, and much more!

Table of Contents:

Introduction: Arise and Shine
Chapter 1: The Making of a Prophet
Let God Purge You
God Chooses Prophets by His Grace
The Prophet’s Anointing
You Must Overcome Fear
How to Handle Hardship and Opposition
General Functions of a Prophet
How Prophets Operate with Other Ministry Gifts
Prophetic Women
Young Prophets
The Unusual Life of a Prophet
The Secret Life of a Prophet
The Prayer Life of a Prophet
Places Where Prophets Grow and Flourish
To the Prophets Who are the Firsts in Their Families
Chapter 2: Characteristics of a Prophet
Chapter 3: What Moves the Heart of a Prophet?
The Heart of the Prophet
What Stirs Prophets
What Matters to Prophets
What Gives Prophets Joy
What Causes Prophets to Grieve
What Prophets Love
What Prophets Hate
What Prophets Desire
Chapter 4: The Rewards of a Prophet
Early Warning
Preservation and Protection
A Call to a Higher Place
Discerning of Times and Seasons
Successful Negotiation with God
Ministry of the Word and Prayer
Uncovering of Root Problems
Sensitivity to the Spirit of God
Exposing of the Plans of the Enemy
Oasis: Refreshment and Rest
Prophetic Blessing
Like Gold and Silver
Chapter 5: The Prophet’s Manifesto
Poor in Spirit
Salt and Light
Uphold Justice
Motives of the Heart
Issues of the Day
Chapter 6: Jonah: Prophets on the Run
Are You a Jonah?
Arise and Go to Nineveh!
Your Jonah Experience Has Prophetic Significance
Necessity is Laid Upon You
No Excuses for Prophets
Appeal to the Jonahs
Prayers of Repentance for Jonahs
Chapter 7: Healing and Deliverance for the Prophet
Loose the Bands of Your Neck
Demons That Attack Prophets
My Prayers for Healing and Deliverance to Come to Prophets
Chapter 8: Prayers and Declarations to Release the Prophet in You
Prayer That Release Prophetic Revelation
Prayers That Break the Power of Jezebel
Prayers to Release the Prophets in Your Family

About the Author:

Apostle John Eckhardt is overseer of Crusaders Ministries, located in Chicago, Illinois. Gifted with a strong apostolic call, he has ministered throughout the United States and overseas in more than eighty nations. He is a sought-after international conference speaker and has authored more than twenty books, including Prayer That Rout Demons, Prayers That Break Curses, and God Still Speaks. Eckhardt resides in the Chicago area with his wife, Wanda, and their five children.