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Breakout for Breakthrough
Breakout for Breakthrough by Alemu Beeftu

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Author: Alemu Beeftu
Subtitle: Journey for Your Prophetic Destiny
Format: Paperback
Length: 182 Pages
Published: 2019

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How did I, who had grown up in remote Ethiopia, a farming community, manage to earn a Ph.D. from Michigan State University, the ninth largest university in the U.S.? How did I manage to travel to over 50 nations teaching and preaching the Gospel? How was it possible for me to envision the future?

Table of Contents:
Foreword by Chuck D. Pierce
Chapter 1: Named for Prophetic Destiny
Chapter 2: Wrestled for Prophetic Destiny
Chapter 3: Journey for Prophetic Destiny
Chapter 4: Challenges for Prophetic Destiny
Chapter 5: Challenges of Faith for Prophetic Destiny
Chapter 6: Embracing Prophetic Destiny
Chapter 7: Keeping Passion Alive for Prophetic
Chapter 8: Following His Leading for Prophetic
Chapter 9: Covenant Relationship for Prophetic
Chapter 10: Living in Prophetic Destiny
Chapter 11: Blessings of Obedience for Prophetic
Chapter 12: Managing Blessings of Prophetic Destiny
Chapter 13: Prophetic Destiny and His Kingdom
Chapter 14: Provision for the Prophetic Destiny
Chapter 15: Envisioning the Future

About the Author:
Dr. Alemu Beeftu, founder and president of Gospel of Glory, has a BA from Biola University as well as a master’s and a doctoral degree in Curriculum Design and Community Development from Michigan State University. More than 30 years of practice in these and biblical leadership fields have made Dr. Beeftu an accomplished and sought-after leadership trainer as well as an author of several books. Dr. Beeftu presently concentrates on developing transformational leaders in more than 54 countries.