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Process of Prophecy
Process of Prophecy by Graham Cooke

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Author: Graham Cooke
Subtitle: The Beautiful Steps of Moving in Prophecy
Format: Paperback
Length: 165 Pages
Published: 2020

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The nature of God is loving, calm, peaceful, kind, and beautiful. These are all vital elements of our own identity in the beauty of God. They are also keys to how we speak and move in the prophetic gift.

The understanding of how God sees, thinks, and speaks to people is a powerful part of this book. It is the process of how we learn to hear His voice and speak His heart that will empower people to rise up in the Spirit and live differently.

Table of Contents:
The Process of Prophecy
Rejoicing Always
Meditation: Loving God with Your Mind
Waiting on God
The Heart Precedes the Mind at All Times
Soul and Spirit
Unceasing Prayer
Prayer, Power, Process
Intimate Prayer
Pursue Love
New Beginnings
Three Phases of Revelation
Operating in Prophecy
Starting Where You Are
How Does Prophecy Come?
Being Quiet Is Key
Rhythm of Life with God
Give What You Have
Tongues and Interpretation
God Uses Everyday Objects
Reflections, Exercises, and Assignments
A Meditation and Reflection Exercise
What Kind of Partnership with Leaders?
What Help and Support form Leaders
A Prophecy
Recommended Reading
About the Prophetic Equipping Series
About the Author

About the Author:
Graham and Theresa Cooke live in Santa Barba, California where they practice a Kingdom community with a wife variety of friends. Their passion is to impact the social pillars of business and the arts. A popular conference speaker for many years, Graham is also a consultant to organizations going through a profound time of reinvention and development. A passionate trainer and lover of wisdom, Graham believes that the nature of God is the very essence of the Kingdom of Heaven here on earth.