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Objective of Prophecy
Objective of Prophecy by Graham Cooke

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Author: Graham Cooke
Subtitle: Release the Prophetic Power to Restore
Format: Paperback
Length: 90 Pages
Published: 2020

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Prophecy creates promises which become the focal point in personal and corporate change.

The objective of all prophecy is to elevate trust and faith in the Nature of God. It is important therefore, that people moving in prophecy are able to see, think, plan, and speak to the objective that God is creating.

The Spirit of Truth that permeates the gift of prophecy has an objective to empower God’s people to grow up into all things in Christ.

Table of Contents:
The Objective of Prophecy
The Difference Between Teaching and Prophecy
Humility Is the Key
The Nine Objectives of Prophecy
Prophecy Restores People’s Dignity and Self-Respect
Prophecy Edifies, Encourages, and Comforts the Church
Prophecy Can Bring Correction and Warning
Prophecy Can Provide Direction and Enhance Vision
Prophecy Opens the Teaching of the Word and Confirms Preaching
Prophecy Can Release the Church into New Doctrine or Practices
Prophecy Provides Insight into Counseling Situations
Prophecy Can Provide Evangelistic Breakthroughs
Prophecy Provides an Agenda for Prayer
Four Common Arguments Against Prophecy
Does the Bible Replace Spiritual Gifts?
Does Preoccupation with the Gifts Prevent Effective Evangelism?
In the Fruit More Important than the Gifts?
Are the Gifts of the Spirit Dangerous?
Truth: The Best Safeguard
Our Response
The Objective of Prophecy
Reflections, Exercises, and Assignments
What Constitutes Immaturity?
A Life Principle for Prophetic Ministry
A Prophecy: Discover Identity and Inheritance
Recommended Reading
About the Prophetic Equipping Series
About the Author

About the Author:
Graham and Theresa Cooke live in Santa Barba, California where they practice a Kingdom community with a wife variety of friends. Their passion is to impact the social pillars of business and the arts. A popular conference speaker for many years, Graham is also a consultant to organizations going through a profound time of reinvention and development. A passionate trainer and lover of wisdom, Graham believes that the nature of God is the very essence of the Kingdom of Heaven here on earth.