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Power in the Blood
Power in the Blood by Sandie Freed

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Author: Sandie Freed
Subtitle: Claiming Your Spiritual Inheritance
Format: Paperback
Length: 216 Pages
Published: 2009/2013

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Arsenal Note: Power of the Blood was previously published under the title, Strategies From Heavens Throne.

Are you struggling with lack, insecurity or inferiority?  If so, this book is for you.  Sandie Freed, a well-known author with experience in overcoming similar obstacles, has provided godly keys throughout this book that will reveal your true identity through Christ Jesus.  As a child of the King of kings, you have been born into a royal bloodline.  Take hold of this astonishing truth and rejoice: The blood of the Prince of Peace flows in your spiritual veins!  All that is His is also yours by birthright.
Are you ready to claim your royal inheritance?  As the beloved hymn says, “There is power in the blood.”  Through the blood shed by Jesus Christ on the cross, you inherit eternal life, authority, destiny, wisdom and more.  It is time to rediscover your spiritual ancestry, awaken to your royal identity and claim all that God has, through Jesus, already bestowed on you.

Table of Contents
Foreword by Bill Hamon
Chapter 1: Dancing with the King
Chapter 2: The Blood and the Atonement
Chapter 3: The Blood Covenant and Our Inheritance
Chapter 4: The Highway of Holiness
Chapter 5: We Need to See!
Chapter 6: Resisting Religious Paradigms
Chapter 7: Every Knee Must Bow
Chapter 8: Coming Out of the Wilderness
Chapter 9: Crossing Over into the Promised Land
Chapter 10: Our Spiritual Weapons
Chapter 11: Hidden in Christ
Chapter 12: Establishing Your Victory Structure

About the Author
Sandi Freed and her husband, Mickey, are the founders and directors of Zion Ministries and Lifegate Ministries International in Hurst, Texas.  The author of nine other books, including The Jezebel Yoke, Sandie travels extensively, ministering deliverance and life transformation to God’s people.