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Making of a Prophet
Making of a Prophet by Jennifer LeClaire

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Author: Jennifer LeClaire
Subtitle: Practical Advice for Developing Your Prophetic Voice
Format: Paperback
Length: 174 Pages
Published: 2014

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In this book, leading prophetic voice Jennifer LeClaire guides readers along the journey of a prophet – from the initial call all the way through to maturity.

This “making” process is anything but easy. But LeClaire offers honest, accessible counsel to help you move into your prophetic call. Her spiritual insights will help you overcome the fear of man, identify and eliminate wrong motives and, above all, pursue intimacy with God.

God is looking for people to entrust with the secrets of His heart. Embrace the journey toward your call with this comprehensive, practical guide, and experience the awesome process of being formed into a mouthpiece for the God of the universe.

Table of Contents:

Foreword by Bill Hamon
Chapter 1: Is God Calling Me into Prophetic Ministry?
Chapter 2: I’m Called – Now What?
Chapter 3: Are You Willing to Pay the Price?
Chapter 4: No Two Prophets Are Alike
Chapter 5: Pursuing Intimacy with God
Chapter 6: Melt Me, Mold Me, Fill Me, Use Me
Chapter 7: Facing Down the Tempter
Chapter 8: Passion for Holiness
Chapter 9: Purging Prophetic Pride
Chapter 10: Rejecting a Judgmental Spirit
Chapter 11: Renouncing Rebellion, Stubbornness, Control and Manipulation
Chapter 12: Avoiding the Envy Trap


Jennifer LeClaire answers the question that has been on the hearts and minds of countless Christians: “Am I called to the prophetic, and if so, what do I do?” Whatever the sacrifice, take The Making of a Prophet into your hands and into your heart. I can assure you, it will not let you go until your questions are answered.
Steve Hill, evangelist

The making of a Prophet is a clean read, filled with good information expressed in a refreshingly simple and direct style that every reader will enjoy. Jennifer LeClaire beautifully covers a wide range of issues that affect prophetic ministry both biblically and with practical wisdom.
R. Loren Sandford, senior pastor, New Song Church and Ministries, Denver

About the Author:

Jennifer LeClaire is a prophetic voice and teacher and the author of The Spiritual Warrior’s Guide to Defeating Jezebel. She directs the International House of Prayer, Fort Lauderdale; serves as news editor for Charisma magazine; and writes charisma’s popular column The Plumb Line. She lives in south Florida.