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Heart of the Prophetic
Heart of the Prophetic

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Author: Jennifer LeClaire
Subtitle: Keys to Flowing in a More Powerful Prophetic Anoin
Format: Paperback
Length: 263 Pages
Published: 2007

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Do you want to prophesy what saith the Spirit of God with greater authority, stronger boldness and increased accuracy? Do you want that double-portion that Elisha carried? Jennifer LeClaire offers keys to flowing in a more powerful prophetic anointing in this no-holds-barred manuscript. Jennifer draws from her experiences to explain what it really means to operate in prophetic ministry and how to avoid the temptations that take you off the deep end.

Table of Contents

Foreword by Jonas Clark


Chapter 1: Calling all Prophets

Chapter 2: The Heart of the Prophetic

Chapter 3: Hijacking the Prophetic

Chapter 4: The Politically Correct Prophet

Chapter 5: The Presumptuous Prophet

Chapter 6: The Self-Willed Prophet

Chapter 7: Jezebel's Controlling Prophets

Chapter 8: The Greedy Prophet

Chapter 9: The Merchandising Prophet

Chapter 10: The Deceitful Prophet

Chapter 11: The Judgmental Prophet

Chapter 12: The Self-Imprisoned Prophet

Afterword: Create in Me a Clean Heart



Everyone who wants to be prophetic or who has been exposed to prophets and prophetic ministry needs to read this book. I read this manuscript with great scrutiny for I have been a pioneer, promoter and defender of prophets and prophetic ministry for 55 years. I can honestly say that Jennifer covers some very delicate subjects with sound wisdom and integrity. The integrity of prophets is as important as the accuracy of their prophecies. People need to know that there are true and false prophets today and what makes them true or false. There are also those who are called to be prophets but who are immature, lack sound biblical knowledge, have more zeal than wisdom, or who are presumptuous. Thanks Jennifer for bringing greater clarity and correctness for prophets and saints who participate in prophetic ministry.

Bill Hamon, Bishop and Founder of Christian International Apostolic Network

Jennifer LeClaire shares my own passion for reform in the world of prophetic ministry. I particularly appreciate her relentless emphasis on character alignment with the nature of Jesus. The Heart of the Prophetic is a solid addition to a still small - but growing - body of Christian literature seeking to root and ground prophetic ministry in the sensible soil of the eternal Word and the nature of the Lord whose word we are supposed to bring.

R. Loren Sandford, Founding Pastor of New Song Fellowship, Denver, Colorado

It is so brilliant to be challenged! Every ministry needs to be aware of the kingdom standard that Jesus provokes by His presence. I loved this book! Jennifer does a bold, insightful job of discerning the precious from the worthless (Jeremiah 15:19) yet also pursues us with the love of God. Political correctness is the spirit of this age and it requires people with boldness, good character and the heart of God to stand and speak the truth with power, authority, mercy and grace. It seems that we are entering another season where prophets will be vilified, hounded and get killed again. Jennifer's book enables us to understand how important it is for us to be clean, pure and righteous so that we might die for the best of reasons . . . that we are a thorn in the flesh of the church and a powerful enemy against the occult. I adored all the chapter headings; so imaginative. Now all we need is for apostles, pastors, teachers and evangelists to follow Jennifer's lead and write a book based on those titles, for their own ministry disciplines. It's great to see the prophets out in front, cleaning their own house. Good job Jennifer!

Graham Cooke, Author

About the Author

Jennifer LeClaire is the editor of The Voice magazine. She is a prophet and teacher whose passion is to equip believers to understand the will and ways of God. She carries a reforming voice that seeks to turn hearts to the Lord and edify the Body of Christ.